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Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

Druidmeno3 wrote:Thanks for updating this Neero, I noticed you missed a clan, would you mind adding it?

Redbranch is a small close-knit clan that is compromised mostly of high level players that work towards helping others of all levels. There is no level req to join, it is discussed on a case-by-case basis based not on your contributions to current members, but the future of the server. Redbranch is focused on endgame bosses, and has killed all endgame but gelbron. Redbranch works closely with Independants and all other small clans.

also you might want to bring in a section about prices of fashion/mounts. (i know its alot of work, so dont worry about it to much)

Thanks for the info, i will add them. Also i will try update the post with fashio/mounts price as soon as i can. Any help appreciated :D
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Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

paggasquid wrote:
Druidmeno3 wrote:
paggasquid wrote:You missed a part meno.... Proteus

right, well- ill ignore that and claim its just an armor boss? :/

:D :D :D :D

So redbranch is focused on end-game bosses without killing end game bosses. I hope your post was meant as a joke.

End game for them is decades behind end game for you sure, but let's be real here, you're the one igniting the flame war here bud and you'll be the one who gets this locked. The lugh community has no sense of sportsmanship or competitive spirit, it's just toxicity from BOTH sides. None of you are saints here. And this is why every post gets locked.
Good discussion boys

Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

The description of Independent needs to be updated, a lot has changed since the drop running incident we had with a certain out of control player...

vvv Edit vvv

Also RedBranch doesn't exist anymore and most of the remaining active players in hobbs/syndicate have moved to Independent
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