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Hey y'all!

I'm buyin various fire Mage items, so here are a few of the key items I need!

+5 firebolt aggy braces or +5 or higher firebolt frostiron braces
-buying a total of 2 braces so either 2x aggy braces, 2x frostiron, or 1 aggy 1 frostiron

+5 or higher firestorm ring(s)
- I wanna buy more than one, so I'm looking at buying a +5 ring as well as an aggy firestorm ring.

Various lure manuals
- My priority here is to get a lure of assasins manual(pierce lure)

I'm payin well for these items, and will be paying in cash or lixs! Your preference!
Plz message me in game @peep

Ty all

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