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Re: Attention Lugh! Best Chests Seller Is Back!

spacemod wrote:
Vulture wrote:I'll buy at least 100

Same here

Gotcha both :)
paggasquid wrote:Save some chests for me as well ;)

Determine an amount?
Neero. wrote:I'll buy 100

Okayz :D
senta wrote:ill buy 200

Ok but I barely see you on critz :lol:
Reserved anyway ;)
Typhoon wrote:I'll buy 30 :P

Sure lol
loZAXol wrote:I'll buy 2k chests probably

(If you aren't joking) what is your ign?
cuz im making a list
CaesarDLA wrote:Wow, not from this server, but may I ask how many you are buying?

mentioned in my post , 3k-5k chests
Keiros - Lvl 159 - Rogue / Best Chests Seller In Lugh ;)

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