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Re: Giving Away Items

I'll take the reaper ring, I only have been trying to buy it from you since you bought it :roll:

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123456 wrote:a druid can out dps a ranger fairly easily in a dps build. Adrith

1234567 wrote: Hrung ring+mordy spear > necro ring+edl dagger. Furyion


Re: Giving Away Items

Take care and come back sometimes to say hi :cry:
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Re: Giving Away Items

Hi abi
Sorry to hear that you are quitting.
So much has changed since we were
in clan Aftermath "The Good Old Days"
I wish you the Best of Luck!
We will miss you,
your friend, 8

lmao @the ReaperRing hyenas *smh
I would give them a chicken or puppy.
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