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Re: Ancients under new mgmt

o8o wrote:wow!!!
Someone else told me the same
exact thing, can you believe it?
Now they found a solution for it...
They said, that once they cupped
their left eye with their right hand,
the problem was no more.
And Voila!!!
Perfect read everytime after that.
Try it & lemme know if that also
works for you.
No offense intended...
Just a quick fix to hideous typing.

friddoo wrote:write properly..
It's actually painful for me to read when you write like that(no offence intended)
            ^^^^^^...it said, write properly? :shock:
...........space please before parenthesis t.y.

Sigh... Yet you still using poem format...
Oderint Dum Metuant.

Re: Ancients under new mgmt

Moderator, i ask again, can you please delete, or at least lock, this entire post.
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