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Introducing a new clan: Virus

We formed a new clan with the following mission: Return Lugh to a fair and friendly server.

Following the release of the new engine many of the veteran players became less active or took a break. During this time the remaining active players joined together and kept Lugh moving forward. Coming together in one clan allowed its membership to level, complete EDL quests, and kill end game bosses. This is all good but power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You can see from the forum posts lately the level of drama and general unhappiness a dominant clan can cause. Lugh has always been against the dominant clan mentality to avoid unnecessary angst such as this. Virus was formed to restore the balance of power to our server. There have been clans before who could have dominated the server but instead chose peace and cooperation so we could have a pleasant environment. Virus does NOT want to be a dominant clan on Lugh. We are here to restore balance.

If a clan attempts to dominate our server, we will spread like a virus. Unlike a virus that causes illness, our Virus will restore a healthy and prosperous Lugh.

Core Principals of Virus
Be inclusive and cooperate with others regardless of clan affiliation
Follow the rules of Lugh including the spirit of those rules.
Have fun but not at another’s expense. It is a game people, have fun! But let others have fun as well.

Don’t confuse fair and friendly with gullible and weak. Our members come from clans who could have dominated the server but chose cooperation and fairness.

We will be inclusive as long as we are included. Exclude us and prepare to be excluded.
If you are rude to us, you will be ignored. Yes, we will take the “fun” out of verbal abuse by ignoring it.
We will not start a war. However, if war breaks out we will see it to a swift and decisive conclusion.

In short, we just want our friendly and cooperative server back. I have seen a glimpse of the Good Lugh returning over the last few days and I hope we continue to make progress. Remember, this is a game to be enjoyed by all. Have fun out there.

Clan: Ancients
RogerRanger 223
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RogerRogue 160+
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Re: Introducing a new clan: Virus



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Re: Introducing a new clan: Virus

Or you could rejoin the original "Neutral" clan Amity now renamed ascension ;) haha

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Re: Introducing a new clan: Virus

RogerRanger wrote:...Virus does NOT want to be a dominant clan on Lugh...

You cannot be a dominant clan.
Name one EDL boss above 195 that
you can do without Alliance?
do not worry it is a rhetorical question.
We all know the answer to that

Re: Introducing a new clan: Virus

TheReturn wrote:Why would you name a "restoring" clan virus?

GEEE i dont know, maybe try reading the rogers post and find out because it clearly states it :D :D :D

+1 roger
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