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Proposed next vote - Amendment of Mordris Helm rolling


This is to get feedback on the potential next vote for Lugh.

Vote Summary:
For Mordris, an end game boss, there has been some recent controversy over the distribution of a certain drop type that is not class restricted. This is in reference to the helms. Within this instance, a caster won a shadow str helm, a drop that is completely useless to that class and person. After much discussion, as well as bringing up some old discussion from certain players, it was suggested to amend the rule for this particular situation. As it stands, mordris helms can come with 4 different stats, that of Strength, Dexterity, Focus and Vitality, as well as directvdamage helms, with many other subdivisions that add other types of stats, that however, is irrelevant.

This vote would call for the change on how we currently allow these helms to be diced, restricting the rolling rights on the different stat helms to make it so the appropriate class can win an appropriately suited helm.

The restrictions would make it so that:

Rogues and Rangers would be allowed to roll on: Strength Helms, Dexterity Helms, Vitality Helms.
Warriors would be allowed to roll on: Strength Helms, Vitality Helms.
Casters (Druids and Mages) would be allowed to roll on: Focus Helms, Vitality Helms.
Rogues, Rangers, Warriors would be allowed to roll on damage helms.


Melee Classes (Rogues, rangers and warriors) would be allowed to roll on Strength helms, Dexterity Helms, Vitality Helms and damage helms.
Casters (Druids and Mages) would be allowed to roll on Dexterity Helms, Focus Helms, Vitality Helms

Please Share your opinion on which of these two would be more suitable (Not on why you think none of these should be considered, as change has to be made, whether some people may agree with it or not).

(Things could be potentially changed before the vote is held if there are many opinions stating the same thing, so don't think that this is the final decisions, and please, no arguements)

*EDITED* Included damage helms.
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Re: Proposed next vote - Amendment of Mordris Helm rolling

option 2

(dex is very important for warriors this is why ironroot set has 300 dex equal 600 defence. so if you have a 100 dex helm with 600 defence that's 800 defence points which is higher than ironroot set combined. and if you add up both helm and ironroot set thats 600+800= 1400 defence for a tank.) imo let's onyl stick to changing dicing regarding strength and focus for now.
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