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this is a rap i made for the clan i hate and will devour at CvC with Ancients!!!!

a yo shadowkrar
i hear u tryna conqour lugh with your big girl talk
u now the big daddy
but to me your still the dude with a phanny
call me mike larry
once im done with u, they'll be calling u chocolate eclair garry!
for your clan BERSEKERS
i'll leave that toy ma boy toy
his name isnt what u think its just to fill our hearts with joy
he composses phoenix that german enginers could previel
forms into spirtal shapes and cofiel
get gins azz on the hunt
but you'll see nothing but your blood when hezbollah's rocking that blunt
you little fuukcing runt
u tryna out play me? u just a damn joke who couldnt even see
see what i had within mee
as for your flees (BERSERKERS members)
keep the hot ladies out of this one
to be honest only thing u should worry about is me one and on-lee!
i was the daddy before u
makes u just one of my brats
try and think
but donr blink
u'll miss the wholw god damn thing
its me you'll need to just know
after i have your head, i'll hang it and create a doing wheelies show
and your clan will suffer a beating from Ancients, probably finished off by lias bow.
if your in beserkers then ur just a mofow
he needs to go back down below!

wanna hate me?
naa just confront me
you'll feel the wrath of my rage
ya'll be locked in a damn cage
they'll be calling me the next sage
our boy kamankashi will be the next lvl 100 mage
u know Ancients rules they'll blow the damn page

bow down now
or play it the hard way
if i were u i'd leave lugh before unfathomable gets crazy
somebody gonna need to dial 911 and fuuk the popo call the damn devil himself!

This rap was requested by Licht lol
sorry couldv done better but i'm currently holded hostage by my wife so cant be here for long.

Oh and one more thing, i actully love shadowkrar and dont have a problem with berserkers, just for entertainment of the game :))
BUT i will kill shadow one day.......
So this one sucks :/


World: Lugh
GingerKing - Warrior [Tank] Lv 92!+
Gingersrogue - Rogue [DPS] Lv 73+
GingerHealz - Druid [Support] Lv 67+


HiYo lvl 120 warrior
FallenRogue lvl 95 rogue
FallenDruid lvl 75 druid
RogueWave lvl 60 rogue
MofoKser lvl 25 rogue
Only person who exaggerates on levels


Nice rap S-boy !

You're actually quite talented in rap, anyway better than killing mobs and scary bosses... But don't worry... Berserkers bros will take care of you and protect you. You only have to stay close to us.. and most important : behind us !
SHADOWKRAR : Warrior 182 Full Glacial
S007 : Rogue 182 Full Glacial / Full Radiant
SHADOWSNIPPER : Ranger 72 Full Meteroric
World : Lugh
Clan : Chieftain of BERSERKERS clan



sorry bro it's just that at the time i posted this, you weren't in BERSERKERS.

and for everyone ingame who keep asking for another one...... mmm... maybw later. Lol

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