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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hmm... How should I start? Ok here it
Goes. I started Yule 2012 as a noob. Still am one haha. The first fire stick you get from quest got me
Go crazy! "Omg a flaming stick!!" i thought I would level up like nothing. Well I reached 50 and got scammed. I quit. Came back a year later and boom. Apology right away. I accepted it but I has no trust to him. I bought play and got snowbound chests. Nothing but frost guard and other mounts. I got 500k but got scammed!!! Came back Beltane 2014 with a new account. Had played for summer and quit again :( but I came back as a noob and I've been seeing lots of changes In lugh. Quite sad. Where's all that teamwork to take down a mob? :) I have quit and came back and got some good torches! Here I am, Spring 2015, Noob :)
-160+ (I hope by now)FlamingStorm
Iggs is a noob.
Iggs is a noob
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Heya! Name's StealthyN1nja, ninja of Luhh :3. Im one of those chill dudes you can hang around with and just crack up jokes and have a good time! I love anime/dancing/gaming so hit me up with a convo :p.
Huge lover of the Syndicate Clan and everyone who is in it (Join it! Best clan to be in if u want a great funny group of ppl). Nothin much else to say, peace out Lughians.. lughers..lughies. XD
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hey, im DJrayElite. Used to be Raytheawesome level 99 ranger. Quite an adventure i had in Lugh and i still remembered my buddies back in the days
I started as a mage named Raylooi, during dragonstaff event, adding stat points to str thinking it will improve my wand damage and ended up having NO ENERGY to cast a SINGLE spell by the time i hit 54. Then i made a druid (forgot the name) and became level 23. Made some friends - YAR and Walkingtall and Lajuna. By this time, my bro Danranger (level 38) came to meet Killerzx (level 75) collecting presents XD. And i was like ok, ranger seems osm so i made a ranger, Raytheawesome and joined clan celticplump, invitation by natedog. Met some osm peeps like fastkiller98 and strikerz and judilia tho they might have forgotten me. Then i met BigJimmy level 101 killing a doomclaw and we became buddies. After i joined, i just started going around with Jimmy and kazilla (level 108) killing random bosses and killing captain blackstorm for the heck of it. Levelled to 90+ and finally got my first lux at 97, level 50 fire quiver and got my first fash charm at 98: boggan charm. then my acc got scammed 1 year after i started playing game and i took a break for awhile, going to danu. I returned during wyldwood event as a rogue, DJrayELITE because i wanted to see my pals again and became 124. everything changed lol, friends whom i knew that were level 50+ reached eg and some people who i knew i lend money to had become rich as crazy. Some of my buddies remembered me, some quit game and some visit from time to time. After i reached 124, one of my friends forgot to give me back my haste ring and carpet and had to go for a long time which made me give up on rogue and start a mage, Zanamee. Reached level 113 and got sick of it and made a druid, RayRecarnation. thats about me and im glad most of my friends remembered me and its nice meeting some new ones too

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