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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hey, I'm GhostlyBlaze and I came to Lugh as an xfer from Belenus in late August 2015 under the name of my first toon NatureGreen. I joined under the influence of Alliance and joined their alt clan to start off. I joined Alliance at about lvl 145 and continued to lvl until 151ish which is when I got my dl gloves. I was then kicked from Alliance. I remained loyal towards Alliance and was a general in Angle. I wanted to join Syndicate but I was informed that they are a very inactive clan so I remained in Angle up until I was picked up by Independent. I pushed to 180, got my full dl, got myself a mordy spear from the clan bank and now I am happily playing/competing against Alliance with the best/funnest clan I've ever been in since Yule 2011 which is when I first started Celtic Heroes.
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

I started this game in summer 2013 After a friend recommended the game to me Started a Druid named crimyoo and took me months just to get to level 90 (lel) and was selfish enough to act like a Otm employee and got banned... Then in about August 2015 My friend told me how he was playing the game More and I got the game again And started a rouge name Twizzlers and in about 2 months I was already level 150 and about at that time the war between hobs and alliance was dieing down and independent was formed Witch I joined soon after being made after a friend suggested me but soon after I was kicked! The reason was people started rumors I was a spy for alliance (lel) because I kept crashing at the 200 event after trying to watch alliance kill it and they thought I was logging onto a "Alliance account" every time a I crashed so I was kicked when I came on a hour later but I quit my rouge to due to multiple reasons and went inactive for a month then I started again and tried moving to Arawn (I failed) and after a while started a Mage on lugh called fired up Witch I leveled up pretty slowly took about 3 months for level 130 but I gained a lot of gold along the way And rejoined independent along the way and they have helped me a lot Along the way (Most of the people who accused me of being an alliance spy moved on to join alliance...the irony) I met a lot of people along the way and it was a blast...

Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hello all,

Been playing this game now from november 2015. Tried some different characters and looked around how to play the game. Did all the quests in the beginning and eventually realised not all the quest are that usefull. Had a list of 20 unfinished quest at a time and was only lvl 40. It was time to start a new toon. This was a warrior named Karanos and i leveled the toon till lvl 80, but i realised i didnt like to play the warrior. So i transfered gold and stuff to a new toon a ranger called Cuthalion and deleted Karanos. Cuthalion is at lvl 83 for a while and i still have this one. That i quit playing the character wasnt the fact i didnt like to play the ranger but that i liked the light heal...well and then i realised if i ike to heal i need to become ....a druid. So in december 2015 Athelas was born and I have been playin this toon the most. Started in the clan Fallen Angels with Rayrecarnation as the chief and when i was at level 100ish he asked me if i wanted to join independent. I love to be part of the clan and to play at Lugh....

grtz Athe
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hey y'all! I am Blackfox (though now I'm currently working on Whitefox. Yes, I know I lack creativity when it comes to names ;-) ). I joined lugh back in 2011 when the game first came out and have proceeded to play and take many breaks over the years. I have been a part of several clans as a low level, eventually taking over leadership of Hells Angles. Yes. The guy who created it couldn't spell angels. I think we had all of 15 members at our peak, but hey, I was a proud level 30. Well eventually I started playing seriously and making a lot of awesome friends. I have had the honor of joining Ancients back when the lvl req was 60, and remaining a member ever since.

A little about me:
-I love fashion
-I spend way too much on fashion
-I need to lvl more
-I have spent way too much real money on this dang game
-I have tons of fun memories playing with awesome clannies and friends (in particular: me and four buddies running around with nothing but torches equipped, eventually making our way to the arena where we beat the crap out of some noob with just our fists and torches)
-I am starting to play again

In conclusion, I can't wait to meet all of y'all and get to know you over the next few years :-)
Clan: Ancients

BlackFox Rogue lvl 120
WhiteFox Mage lvl 131

Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hey. I'm Ted. I syarted playing in Yule 2011, since then i've had over 20 toons, none of them over level 60 (patience ugh ugh). In 2013 i started TerrorTeddy, and when i hit 75 i joined TheHobnobbers via some friends. I jad a great time there. Before the great split of Lugh, i decided to take a break. I returned to the game almost a month ago, seeing how much Luh had changed. I loved it. So many kind players :3
I pushed from 100 to 142 in 3 weeks, kudos for repeatables OTM. (Hint hint add a new one so i can lv to 160). I am now hanging around the castle, being a proud Guardian in Avandesora, doing bosses when they get called, and helping clannies farm. I am too lazy to lvl, or too hesitant (idk, gimme some combos? Jk xD)

All in all i love how Lugh is now, and i hope to meet y'all :)
110+ ice mage dubnub
106 rogue
117 druid
74 ranger
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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!


I am Animez3. A Long Lost player who reigned in the early era.
Jokes aside, I started in the early days of Halloween 2011. I started out on my ranger, Animez2 and got bored very quick. This sparked my main, Animez3, one of the first if not rogues on Lugh. It was at Halloween where I met my good friend Ginbala. The mighty full plated warrior who would Slay the bosses in dustwither. God he would look so cool. Attracted all them females. Met Lia, perhaps the greatest ranger to have ever existed (and my idol). Had the very expensive Highroad Armour sets which rendered me jealous. Threw me a camouflage buff so I could slip past the 2D desolate path of Stonevale into the farm. All was well, levelling up bit by bit to around 30. Then came 2011 Yule, things got spicy. New members arrived, players such as Ricktor, SHADOWKRAR and my first chief, Gorgon. I was recruited as the third member of SpawnOfHell, consisting of the very rich Gorgon and his best mate Giovani, the first Rogue to ever attain full moon shadow. (Me being the second). Giovani and Gorgon were my godfathers, my guardian angels, gearing me up and buying the bank breaking ancient lamellar for me back in the days. The infamous Gorgon, obtaining full Connacht vanquisher, owned the most pimp Yule sled, and the first golden growth charm. He was a true baller. However, the simple fact that these two attained full warden sparked controversy between the clans and SHADOWKRAR sought out admins to testify the cheating of these two individuals. My two friends left, (a very sad day) but I was recruited kindly and whole heartedly into the legendary BEZERKERS. From that day on, I would be SHADOWKRARS asset, the Rogue of BEZERKERS. (Probably taking it too far). It was here where I met some of the greatest if not, the best individuals with amazing personalities. The realest of the real. Some to name include: Ginbala, Yoshi, Wendell, DaftPunk, Dtatch, Lukov, Jr07, Toycat, SPAM, Skyrim (My favourite - rival Rogue competing to obtain full moonshadow), Felibetis, Wytt, Garys, Gwendolen, Lichtkreiger, R0gu3xR3gios (who quit because I frankly remember became a father 2012), MacyJ (my ingame crush but made me insanely jealous because she had a boyfriend - I'm so innocent), Lux, Golden (Kinda crazy and skitz), Sarge, Thing1, (who I made my pupil Rogue because he was always one step behind me ;) ), Toxicpain, Gingerkhan (personally nicknamed as gingy), LadyB (issued her the first pieces to her warden armour ;) ), NECROPHILIAC and of course SHADOWKRAR. There is definitely more but these individuals I would say made the biggest impact in my time playing this slight nostalgic game. I was always welcomed, greeted every time I logged in. The most loving community was created in BEZERKERS. Got issued my first Winterking Dagger by chief, got the second highest skill damage. Owned a full Connacht Pathfinder set. Got full Zodiac besides the chest. remembering back then that the meteoric weapon was a pain to get, requiring Connacht Gold ingots and diamond soul orbs of that sort. Ended up selling my Winterking Dagger for that last piece for Meteoric Dagger. Had accounts of every class, all with full warden. My proudest achievement on this game being Animez2 with full warden at level 42, and the other classes with full warden at 50. Everything was great. Day came mid 2012 where my account was hijacked. Not clearly knowing who or how an account gets hijacked in the first place. Never distributed my password. Logged onto my bank to find the imposter on my main account swearing, abusing in the clan. I warned everyone that this was the end and the account was kicked out, while my bank remains in the clan to this very day. I decided to quit when I logged back on, everything was gone. The end of days came when I swore to myself to never play the game again. At that time, some of my friends had already left. 2014 came, I hopped back on to suss out some things. I ended up selling some of my 2012 party hats to buy some gear. BEZERKERS at this point was pretty much already dead, aside from some familiar faces such as DaftPunk, Thing1, Yoshi. Thing1 was already well and truly past me. (Much love brother) It was here were I decided to finish off my last Zodiac Piece. Camped out rockbelly for so long, with my newly found friend, Neero. Was about my level, also missing meteoric Top. I remember his red ardmair. I was welcomed into the clan Syndicate, formed some new friends, Nutella, StealthyNinja, BD, Dragonassasin. Got very bored and found that the game was just not for me. And so I quit, yet again. Time has flown since and I logged back on recently as a lost and lone wanderer. The Game has grown and so has the community. Not sure what shenanigans people are up to today but that's the end of my story. I only posted this upon my sudden memory spike of my account on forums. This post was to not rip into today's players but to write down past history from my perspective and to pay tribute to all the old friends I use to interact with. To all my friends, thankyou and I hope wherever you are, you are well and happy. Till we meet again.

IGN: Animez3
Class: Rogue
Level: 83+
Clan: Bezerkers
IGN: Animez2
Class: Ranger
Level: 42+
IGN: Animez4
Class: Warrior
Level: 52+
IGN: Animez5
Class: Druid
Level: 50+
IGN: Animez7
Class: Mage
Level: 50+

Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hi everyone, my in game name is Kalesee, I started playing this game right around new year 2016. So far I am enjoying most parts of the game, this game is by far the closest one resemble world of world craft which I played intensively back then, I love every details of this game except leveling after 135 can get boring. Luckily I joined Clan Team Up Help from referral by a close friend, we are a new growing clan and many members are like me are new players, and many from different parts of world, I often got chat that saying good morning but clearly its middle of the night where I located (Los Angeles), which make this game more interesting to play. As I am writing this post I am level 163 now and got 1 DL item(glove), hopefully by the next time I participate in forums I can get better in gears and levels. Looking forward to meet and know all you wonderful people out there, and last happy gaming everyone!

Kalesee -- lvl 163 warrior Clan Team Up Help
225 warrior Kalesee
220 ranger Eeselak
220 mage Aleesee
220 druid Eeseela
190 rouge Kaseeel
Alliance Lugh

Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!


I am Fiona aka FionaStCroix, FreyaStCroix, FredaStCroix, FleurStCroix and a lot more other alts and banks under my name.

I have joined the game way back 2012 and was was part of Spartanos as my first clan.
I have strived with very little to start with. I used hammered RedClaw armor until I was level 70ish. Bought my first pair of Ancient Plate gloves and boots for 2k from a seller in the castle.
Farmed a lot to get the items I had, even gathered a lot of event items to sell to buyers in castle to get enough for gear. (still poos as ever....lolz)
Eventually got myself a Heroic Ammy, Offhand Weapon, Gloves of haste, Boots of Speed and eventually good armor (Diamond BP and Legs). The rest is history.
Moved on to RedBranch and eventually part of the founding members of TheHobnobbers!

Took a long break (2 years and now back), I am currently with Alliance and with good friends.

- I like spending time chatting with friends
- I hate lixing and leveling as I find it boring
- some people say I like or love fashion....hmmmmm
- I'd like to help newbies as long as they don't get to demanding
- OH and I LOVE WHITE and PINK! hehehehehe

Ciao guys and see you in game!


Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hey my name on Celtic Heroes is Cain Savage I joined sometime in 2016 I have a bad memory sorry. I had past experience from the server donn so I knew the basics. I leveled to shalemont then i needed help that's when I found someone named SirenMoonlight she helped me level and sometime during that I noticed the clan she was in (Avandesora) not knowing anything about how big/nice avan was. I asked if I could join she said no one was on to invite me. Two days later she found someone on and they invited me in. So many helpful people there. So me and siren leveled to the start of the stonevale area. She then went inactive for a while and I needed help almost the whole way I'm glad avan was there :). During the stonevale area I was promoted to clansman then guardian (guardian was surprising I was such a low level for it I had thought). I remember when I hit level 100 I was doing the repeatable in murky with the skurs I was so happy to finally be in triple digits with my friends. Later when I was doing the sent repeatable SirenMoonlight was active again (it wasn't that long I leveled really quickly to sent repeatable). I finished with the sent repeatable at level 142 and was so sad to find no other repeatables I waited and helped siren level. I am now a level 145 support druid now leveling with siren again in avan as a guardian. A lot happened in avan through that time that I would rather not talk about since this is already long enough. That's my story hope you enjoyed :)

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