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My promise to Lugh

Recently, I've seen accusations of people not trading proper drops as DM. I've also heard previously of dropswitching. Like Snorri drops a lot of blue idols... Im just putting it out there that I promise to Lugh that I will lock and keep drops if I feel like I've been scammed and I see you or your clan at a boss. I will then give out the drops as I see fit. This may seem a bit hostile and a bit drastic but so is lying to everyone who helped take down a boss. If your conscience doesn't hurt you for lying, it won't be bothered by me keeping what I earned.

I hope nothing ever happens from this moment forward to make me feel like I need to get a lock group and take boss drops but I can't stand thinking or knowing people take advantage of Lugh's system.

Re: My promise to Lugh

You will lock and keep drops? How about lock and distribute them properly as you so say should be done. How do you figure you'll solo lock bosses to keep drops? With such capabilities why haven't you been outlocking everyone all this time?

Seriously though, you threatening to lock and steal drops and give them out as you please as though you're robin hood is quite radical. If you believe people are drops switching make an effort to group them, if they're full call them out on your issue and if they refuse to group then it's obvious.

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