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Re: Hello Lugh!

hey there, welcome to lugh :) i am tambo722 and would be glad to help you with gear.
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Re: Hello Lugh!

Thanks Tambo! :) Right now I'm focusing on a vitality and strength bow DPS build as I train. I'll definitely have plenty of questions about proper build gearing, stats and abilities when I approach high levels. End game Rangers appear to have unorthodox stat and ability allocations compaired to what I'm accustomed to seeing in other MMORPGs. Whether I choose an auto attack based DPS or support role will depend on which build the clan I'm proudly supporting needs for encounters I suppose.
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Re: Hello Lugh!

AggyBrace :3 wrote:Just pointing out (and not trying to crush your expectations of the game), Celtic Heroes can be very pay-to-win..._.

But if you put the time into it, every single item and achievement in the game can be gained or accomplished without personally buying any plat. (You will likely have to buy plat items with ingame gold from players at some point though.)
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Re: Hello Lugh!

Thanks for the replies Asteroid, AggyBrace and SmartOne! I appreciate the feedback. I've invested some cash into storage expansions and sigils and can see that I'll likely have to spend some more for a decent mount further down the road. I'm fine with all of that; I expect I'll farm gold and drop some more cash for lux as well at some point. I'm just hoping that I won't be forced to choose between spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment or farming for years to become adequately geared for current end game content. :D
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Re: Hello Lugh!

Hey there DerekJones! Thanks for the reply. I'm still a fan of Rift although I haven't played in a long time. Trion brought some innovative ideas to the genre with the dynamic content they introduced, which was adopted by several other MMORPG developers. The leader of the guild I was with at the time - Gaiscioch - and his wife were in an official trailer for the game http://youtu.be/ldI3ypm1gHg commenting on the dynamic content.

I was a Void Knight progression raid tank for several months on Faeblight. Great game! :D
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