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Hello Lugh!

*Reposted from the "Introduce Yourself" section for visibility and to greet to our server*

Hey there Lugh, Bear here. ;) I dabbled in Celtic Heroes for a few days some months ago and didn't feel drawn in at the time, but I'm decidedly back to stay and spread roots after tasting several other mobile MMORPGs on iOS and Android; to make some friends and experience end game content. I returned to CH after spending a bit of time - and a wee bit of cash - in a currently very popular mobile MMO game that I came to realize was viciously "pay2win" upon reaching max level in order to progress efficiently in end game PvE and participate competitively in PvP.

Upon reinstalling CH just the other day I was surprised by the major overhaul in the recent update. I'm pleased with the graphics and performance (running on iPad Air 2) with the new engine. From the numerous posts I've read from experienced CH players I see that this perception may change; we'll see how my current devices handle large group raid bosses and how the developers address issues experienced by some of the player base. Time will tell.

The character I'm investing my time in right now is a low level Ranger named KuokoaBear on Lugh server. Kuokoa means "liberty" or "independence" in Hawaiian. I live in Pennsylvania at the moment, but one of my goals is to relocate to the Honolulu metro area with loved ones within the next few years. After reading up on the current debate about the state of the Ranger I decided to give it a whirl, as I've never played the class in any MMORPG. I've always gravitated towards healing or tanking in the past. My MMORPG resume includes years of WoW along with beta testing and/or actively playing Guild Wars, Rift, GW2, EVE, FFXIV:ARR, and ESO among others. It has been a satisfyingly welcome change switching from desktop to mobile gaming. I'm not missing the peripherals and utility of macros as much as I'd expected when I decided to give mobile gaming a try; the touchscreen mobile environment (of both iOS and Android) particularly on tablets is appealing to me. But that's an other conversation. :geek:

Thanks ahead of time to those who may choose to welcome me into the community! <3 I look forward to contributing on this forum once I gain more experience in my class and the overall game, along with being a positive presence in - and a promoter of - the CH and Lugh communities. I see already that there is a vibrant community based on forum activity and conversation with others. If you'd like to chat or just say hello, please contact me here or on Lugh!
KuokoaBear // Level 30(ish) Ranger // Lugh

Re: Hello Lugh!

Hey sir! welcome to Lugh!
I hope to be seeing you around ingame. Also you should check out the "a but about lugh" forum thread, as it introduces some of the major clans & prices!
Cheers, Meno

P.S. -Great class you have chosen, we have fewer rangers on Lugh, so you will be a great addition!

Re: Hello Lugh!

Thanks for the welcome Meno! The "A Bit About Lugh" thread influenced my server choice. It's an awesome post. I was browsing the server sections for information for a bit and decided on Lugh based on threads such as that one. I don't have my eye on a particular clan at the moment but I'll be looking for one soon.
KuokoaBear // Level 30(ish) Ranger // Lugh

Re: Hello Lugh!

Hi, welcome !
If you need help you can pm me, and if I'm on I'll do my best x)
Have fun playing !
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Re: Hello Lugh!

World: Epona

Alyssandra Ranger Lvl 221
Atropos Druid Lvl 225
Nyssa Rogue Lvl 215
Briar Rose Mage Lvl 215

Lasciel Rogue Lvl 217
Owl Ranger Lvl 190
Lenore Druid Lvl 191

I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Re: Hello Lugh!

KuokoaBear wrote:Thanks Alyssandra! That's quite a cadre of high level characters you have there. =3 I dig the signature quote as well.

Yup that is a good quote. Some of her characters are on epona though, not lugh.
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