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A Bit About Lugh

This post is intended to give new players and players from other servers a chance to learn a bit about Lugh. Current players feel free to read and make suggestions. Who knows? You might learn a bit about Lugh too. Vult iz king. Get rekt m8

Lugh is a hero from Celtic and Welsh mythology. He is best known for killing Balor, a giant god of drought, blight, and destruction, by shooting a sling stone through Balor's single, huge eye.

Our server, Lugh is a bit different from some other servers. We pride ourselves on being open, and not excluding anyone. There are no clan wars on Lugh. Any player of the appropriate level may join a boss fight.
A Bit About Clans (If you want your clan added, write a bit about it in a separate thread and PM me the link.)
This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many great clans on Lugh and we all work together to kill raid bosses. A player is not required to join a certain clan or any clan to participate in boss fights. That being said, a clan is great way to work cooperatively to gain gear and keep up with friends. If any clan on the list strikes your fancy, go and meet some of the players that are in it and talk to the leaders. Requirements to join vary from clan to clan. ( At the moment this is a stub really. It would be great if leaders of clans would take a few minutes to make a post about their clan's philosophy, requirements, and etc. If you do so and PM me I can add a link in this thread.)

  • Ancients: Ancients is a very old clan on Lugh (even Ancient you might say ;) ). They are an endgame clan and their recruitment level requirement is 170. http://bit.ly/1rTD1rM
    Just for fun, here are some old posts about the clan: http://bit.ly/1w2vR5T
    Leaders in the clan that you might contact include Akbar and Callumallen.
    xyn wrote:Great summary. For Ancients, ToyCat is our chief and some of our active, long time players (generals) include MechCat, Callator, Sabre, Artio, Thoro and Salear

  • Syndicate: Syndicate is a bit younger clan than Ancients. They are very laid back with a focus on the endgame (most of their active players are at a relatively high level). Donations to clan banks and etc. are strictly voluntary. There is one rule that the chieftain is a stickler about: there is no foul language allowed in clan chat. Currently the level requirement to join Syndicate is 135. Leaders to contact include: Dragonassasin, 1DRAGON1, and StealthyN1nja.
  • Aftermath: Aftermath is another old clan. They are a close knit bunch with a focus on the endgame. Here http://bit.ly/1w3F8L1 is a link for recruits to apply to join that also tells a bit about the clan. Leaders to contact include: o8o, RogerRanger, LongCool, Waio and MaxeesVigor.
  • Alliance: Alliance is a fairly new clan with a focus on the endgame. However, they do recruit up and coming players. They are a very active and friendly bunch. Contact Axon, MistaLayden, or Instant for more information.
  • TheHobnobbers: The Hobnobbers is an up and coming clan. They do not limit their focus solely on the endgame and are generally a happy bunch of people. Leaders to contact include Reytch and Daw.
  • Amity: Amity is another friendly, close knit bunch. Their focus is not limited to the endgame either. Contact lukov or Tobiuslowe for more information.
  • Ambrosia: Ambrosia is the food of the gods. If you want to be immortal you will want to be eating this. They are also an active clan on Lugh. Contact elleelle for more information.
  • Synergy: Synergy is another prominent clan on Lugh that focuses on the endgame. Contact Innocence, Fryphodie, or WendellX for more information
  • Berserkers: Berserkers are a very old clan that is now is made up of some fresh new faces. Their recruit level requirement is 100. Leaders to contact include DaftPunk, Dulcima, and Mizza. http://bit.ly/1vRccE6
A Bit About Prices (Prices listed are estimates based on past experience.)
  • Plat Items:
    • Super Combination Elixirs 7000-8000 Gold
    • Super Knowledge Elixirs 3000-4000 Gold
    • Heroic Haste Elixirs 1500-2500 gold
    • Heroic Regeneration Elixirs 500-1000 Gold
    • Heroic Energization Elixirs 500-1000 Gold
    • Heroic Armor Elixirs 500-1000
    • Heroic Travel Elixirs 500-1000 Gold
    • Heroic Defense Elixirs 500-1000 Gold
    • Heroic Attack Elixirs 1000 Gold
    • Event Chests 15000-20000 Gold
    • Idols 150-200 Gold
    • Restoration Pots 150-200 Gold
    • Health and Energy Sigils 4000-6000 Gold per Crate
  • Mounts:
    • Dragonstaffs:
      • 80%/10%— 250-300k,
      • 80%/30%— 400-450k
      • 80%/50%— 1m
    • Serpentstaffs:
      • 80%— 150-200k
      • 80%/10%— 250-300k
      • 80%+ staffs are rare and very few exist on Lugh
    • Fellspines:
      • 80%— 150-200k
      • 80%/10%— 200-300k
      • 80%+ staffs are rare and very rare.
    • Stormskimmers:
      • 80%— 150-200k
      • 80%/10%— 200-300k
      • 80%+ are rare on Lugh.
    • Gliders:
      • 80%— 150-200k
      • 80%/10%— 200-300k,
      • 85%/20%— 300-400kk, 85%+ are rare.
    • If you get a Bat Glider thingy or a set of wings with camo, they sell for a pretty penny.
  • If you are a new player wondering about prices in general, I would suggest never buying anything from the shop if you can help it. Most items can be bought from players for 50-80% of the shop price.
A Bit About Rules

An interesting aspect of Lugh is that because we cooperate as a server to kill bosses, there are several rules that been agreed on by the active population of the server. These guidelines will help you to not offend anyone and to fit in with the general culture of the server. These guidelines were hashed out both on forums and in game by the active players on the server and are constantly being reassessed as the game progresses.

  • You may not sell DragonLord quest items. To prevent fighting, inflation of drop prices, and in light of the chaos that had occured with drop distribution for frozen quest items it was decided that DragonLord Quest items may not be sold. You can take a look at a few old posts about the decision if you want. A lot of discussion also went on in game and these discussions are a bit unorganized :arrow: http://bit.ly/1yhItRY http://bit.ly/1w2KoPb http://bit.ly/1rYkiWu http://bit.ly/11W18cZ http://bit.ly/1yRb3xa
    So, I will sum up the consensus for you. No DragonLord items may be sold. However, they may be freely given away or swapped for other DragonLord items. Drops at DragonLord bosses are distributed by dicing to the appropriate class by a dicemaster. Alternate characters of the appropriate level are treated just as main characters. (With the exception that one person may not win more than one drop at a Dragonlord Boss unless they are the only character of that class there.) This: http://bit.ly/1pVFUqO sums up things pretty well.
  • Boss Level Requirements
    • Aggy: 135 druids, 140 for the rest. The discussion for this is very old, but this http://bit.ly/1BePby5 post sums up the consensus.
    • Mordy: 180 druids and support mages, 185 for the rest. There was a bit of a kerfuffle about these requirements and about drop distribution when we first started killing Mordy, http://bit.ly/1pVGOUa http://bit.ly/1yhJvNR http://bit.ly/1tG41WD but rest assured that a consensus was reached long ago.
    • Necro: 180 druids and support mages 185 for the rest. http://bit.ly/1voWfF8
    • Level 200 event bosses: 185 for druids, 190 for everyone else http://bit.ly/1vOxwbW
    • Hrung: 170 druids, 175 everyone else
    • Any other boss (DragonLord bosses, Meteroic bosses, Frozen bosses, event bosses, etc.) 10 levels below the level of the boss
    • Rationale for limiting players by level: http://bit.ly/1ygJwq8
  • Drop Distribution
    • For Raid bosses (Aggy, hrung, necro, mordy, dragonlord bosses, event bosses) drops are distributed by class by rolling. http://bit.ly/1BeRpO3
    • For other bosses (Meteroic bosses, frozen bosses, Atrisal, etc.) drops stay where they land. http://bit.ly/1w2Noek
    • Non class drops (Mordy helms, aggy bandage wounds braces, garanak drops, etc.) are rolled on by all classes. (If no character of the appropriate class is present at a fight and there is a drop for that class it is considered non class.)
    • Of course, to roll for a drop you must be of the appropriate class and meet the boss requirements listed above.
  • More than one group is often required to kill raid bosses. However, there is no need for more than one group to kill Meteroic bosses, Atrisal, Frozen bosses, etc. So, if a group is already killing one of those bosses and has no room you are out of luck. However, if they do have room or it is a raid boss, you should never be excluded.
  • Generally, once a boss either is locked or half of its health is gone it is too late to join and expect to roll on drops. (The only exceptions are: the 200 event boss, which locks once its health is past the sixth star from the right, mordy which locks once the first sentinel has been pulled, and necro which locks once the first acolyte has been pulled.

I shameless stole the idea for this and parts of my post from LeGenDzZ. http://bit.ly/1rTOIP6 8-)

Be sure to tell me if you have anything you want added (Please make some better clan descriptions.) or spot any typos.
I am on an extended break from the game, but if you shoot me a pm I can update anything that is outdated.
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"The trouble ain't that there are too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right."
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Re: A Bit About Lugh

Great post, thanks for mentioning Ambrosia (Anyone joining the server should definitely check us out)
*one note is that druids are 15 levels below for all bosses, regardless of type [endgame/other etc].*

Also Once you have played on lugh for a while, you will find that people are more than happy to help you.
"If you join the server by all means send me a pm here on the forums or ingame"
thanks again for this great topic

Re: A Bit About Lugh

Maxxee wrote:Great post smart! Good rundown of some of the clans and the rules we've developed in lugh. Thank you for your post! One question though... How could you leave THIS GUY outta the Aftermath clan leaders?... :( lol

I did, after all, create the original Aftermath clan guidelines and recruiting topic! http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopi ... =Aftermath :)

Sorry max! I remember that topic now. I told you guys the clan stuff needed some work.
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Learn about Lugh ➙ http://bit.ly/15My6OK
"The trouble ain't that there are too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right."
-Mark Twain

Re: A Bit About Lugh

paggasquid wrote:NIce topic smart, but what about berserkers???:(

I wasn't sure if there was actually any active leadership in berserkers anymore. If a leader could make a post about their clan I can add them and link to it. At the moment I could put Berserkers: Berserkers is an old clan that I thought? all the leadership had gone inactive or moved to other clans? They recruit anyone? I would need a bit more information from someone who knows about the clan. In fact I would appreciate it if a leader from each clan on the list (or any other clan that I missed) could write a topic outlining their clan philosophy, requirements, and maybe a bit of history, if such a post does not exist already. :) Thanks
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SmartOne: level 191 Mage
SneakyOne: level 185 Rogue
Learn about Lugh ➙ http://bit.ly/15My6OK
"The trouble ain't that there are too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right."
-Mark Twain

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