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Re: The blurred line of lower levels joining fights

I'm not high enough to participate in the end game end game bosses... but if someone is asked to help out, whether it be providing lures, heals, helping with adds etc... shouldn't they have a shot at rolling for a class related item?

I can understand if the person is say a lvl 150 druid, and a lvl 185 druid item drops, they probably can't/wont use that item for a long time and wouldn't really be fair to let them have it and collect dust in their bank.

Those helping out who are lower levels than the req, are risking idols/pots/lixes just like those of the required level. People can't say that those lower than the req aren't worthy of a dice considering the boss wouldn't have been able to be brought down had those people NOT helped out.

Just my thoughts...

Re: The blurred line of lower levels joining fights

Lukov wrote: The old rule states, that once you are asked to join and are grouped that you may dice. No voting necessary. I myself offered for me to bring rogue, but didnt until someone said yes we need your rogue, so i was grouped into adds group. Meaning i was eligable to dice, irregardless of the 185 rule.

I agree with you on this. If you are asked to help, you should be eligible to dice for drops, regardless of item level.

Lukov wrote: And dont tell me to level, it is my choice to stay where i am, if i level above my current level it is very difficult to level my lower level mage to where i want him to be. So stop with the oh you should be this level, or you should level. Because no i wont do as you say. I do what i want to do not what peer pressure is asking me to do.

I am not telling you what to do. I am simply suggesting you level to 185 so you are able to roll on every drop for either char you participate with. Im glad you don't give into peer pressure, and I wasn't trying to force you to level.
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Re: The blurred line of lower levels joining fights

historically, the rule has always been if a lower level player/alt is asked to assist in a boss kill, they are entitled to roll. we occasionally pulled in lower level mages to help freeze mordy, or druids for various bosses.

if not specifically asked/accepted, then the level requirements for dicing are in effect.

And, just for the record, i think the 'friendliness of Lugh' is more based on our general policy of non-exclusion. we let people who are leveled appropriately join a battle. We don't dominate by clan. Ironically, this more 'democratic' Lugh is also the reason why fewer people may be as well geared as they are on other servers. There is absolutely no doubt that a dominant clan/autocratic server will make far better allocation of resources. But i would rather take longer and be allowed to freely associate on this world.
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