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DL Double Dice System Final Step

The proposal to allow higher levels, who still need DL weps, a chance to roll twice for crowns has been almost unanimously approved.

The only point that needs clarifying is the exact level to allow double dicing.

So please pick one of the options and we will plan on enforcing this system at noon EST on Thursday, March 20th, based on the majority vote.

A. 190
B. 188
C. 185

**Update** People who have offhand would not be allowed to roll twice, regardless of level.
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Re: DL Double Dice System Final Step

World: LUGH
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Level: 221-223-205

World: EPONA
Clan: Anarchy
Class: Mage(Mahikera/Niebe/ChocolateMastah)-Rogue(Balisong)-Druid(Albularya)-Warrior(Mandarangan)-Ranger(Palaso)
Level: 223/221/150-222-231-223-221

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Re: DL Double Dice System Final Step

Adebayor wrote:
SmartOne96 wrote:Just to clarify, is this mainhand, offhand, or both?


Both. Distinguishing between the main and offhand seems counterintuitive.

But if somebody wants to make an argument why we should then I'm open to considering it :)

No that's what I had assumed originally. I just wanted to be clear.
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Re: DL Double Dice System Final Step

Should only be for getting mainhands, you don't need a million offhands as their effects don't stack.


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