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Re: Is it time for another vote?

Thanks Akbar for taking time to clear this for me.

I still see too many disadvantages regarding for players still in need of items, and who participated in the fight.
Clans with already geared up players will benefit from this extremely, because them is given more chances to collect drops for their clannies.
And as you Ancients posted several times before: You will keep the drops in clan first. (btw something we also practice)
There needs to be fairness at the spot. This is the important issue.
If people are already geared up by the help of many others, they do have the beholdenment to pay this back, if not with drops then with participation.
Otherwise there should be certain consequences in the future.
Regarding costly fights: To benefit them with a drop because they spent pots/lix etc is a good idea. But they can't even sell it. So whats the deal then?
In return the items will be stored inside the clans and not distributed to the players at the spot.
Besides that a full set is a huge benefit for a player in the daily game. Not only during end boss fights. Don't forget this.

Besides that, the free distribution is definitely the right direction as we already discussed before V4.
I totally support this, being so sick of the current price politics OTM came up with. A counterproposal for greed.

I know its a really tricky issue that needs to be solved here ... but I think we are going to find a good way.

Thanks and tc
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Re: Is it time for another vote?

@vir: that is a fascinating concept that i do not think has been mentioned. Quite intriguing really. Tho that being said, i'm not fully comfortable with choosing to dice for something that is not your color (though calling it ahead of time would be the way to go if we vote to go that way) - especially if there are people of that color in the battle who need - cause then they may lose out to someone who was not in the battle. But, that is just my initial reaction and first opinion and i will respect the opinion/vote of the denizens of Lugh.

But it is a cool thought - maybe when the battles are being done by groups that are already full DL....
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Re: Is it time for another vote?

virulent wrote:Option 3 with variable colors established before end of fight.

Yes to accord.

That is interesting option, but also easy to abuse and hurt others. I understand that you would want to do it to get stuff for clannies of that class, but...

In current system, if I am only druid and it is green, I get. A lot of ppl benefited from this.

If we do option 3+, if only one or no druid (or other class, like mage), the fully dragon'd guy could just pick green or whatever class is least represented and increase their odds of getting the drop a little bit (if their color drops).
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Re: Is it time for another vote?

I don't see the point continuing to roll colors I don't need unless there's a rogue I'm helping. That would lead to selling/trying to trade. As for someone who isn't there, other than Callator or Spigot, my next 3 high levels are warriors. Would you rather have top 3 ppl in clan in the fight or the lower lvl warrior? Probably one of us. Roll chance is the same but boss would theoretically be easier. Anyway, I completely understand the potential for abuse and ill keep quiet so I don't give D bags ideas. It's less of a threat than "owing" which I believe is being completely abused.

Re: Is it time for another vote?

If I may comment on this situation, the solution to the problem lies with OneThumbMoblie. All that is needed to do is make the drops "lore" items. Once your character has picked up enough of the items to complete, the character becomes flagged, and will not be able to collect any more drops. It has worked on the other mmorpgs that I have played in the past. Just my two cents.

Re: Is it time for another vote?

virulent wrote:What about a sponsorship for full DL? As with the 'owe' list, you can post who you are helping and what they need. That way someone doesn't come in and roll random colors.

I really like that idea.

Think I'm gonna give all my stuff to Venus anyway and take a break for a while.
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Re: Is it time for another vote?

Option 3 - If an amendment was made that prevents players of the same class rolling for an item that they no longer need, when there are players of the same class who also actively contributed to the fight and still need that item. If no players of that class still need, geared players of that class could roll and freely distribute to clan or friends as they see fit, in accordance with the Lugh Accord.

Lugh Accord - Wholeheartedly agree, if the above amendment to Option 3 was followed.

Those of you who know me, or have at least interacted with me, know that I always try to be fair. It's it the the spirit of fairness that I make the above suggestions. I will accept and act in accordance with the general concensus, regardless of what is agreed upon.

Lugh is a great place to be. Thanks to everyone who tries to keep it that way. Thanks all :)

Re: Is it time for another vote?

Option 3 and sign the thing.
About the accord, would we be able to swap say a horn for an urn or something else? Like or instance you win a horn but need 1 idol for wep, someone else needs a horn for their bp so you decide to swap the 2 earning you your weapon an them their bp?

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Re: Is it time for another vote?

Virulent all i have to say against what you say is its hard enough for warriors to get there own drops with the lack of red drops :( never mind a rogue,mage, ranger wanting to roll for the red that do come up. When we get groups we try to get balenced groups which makes fights easier but we normally end up with 3-4 warriors in group adding other classes to be aloud to role for are drops is wrong in my opinion.

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