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For those of you that were in the fight against boggan boss earlier today, I want to say sorry for leaving. I was frustrated as we all were dying and spending lots of idols. I truly do apologize for any idols spent because i left. However, when more than one person accuses druids of not healing, well, i take offense. Any of the druids present can tell you that when someone would respawn after idol use, we would instantly attempt to heal. By the time the heal was cast, you were dead. Not to mention adds that hit us and interupt our heals. Im not blaming anyone for anything in game. But before you make accusations, perhaps you should bring a high level druid to these boss fights and see what we mean. When things work the way they are supposed to, all druids are on tank and others die. Any extra heals (and breath) that we can spare are put to other players, but the tank comes first. In these boss battles, there is often not a designated tank, so therefore, many heal the wrong people. You have never heard me complain about anything happening in battles, and i expect the same of others.

I want all to know that I am not mad at anyone. I think the new bosses are too hard for the levels that they are, but still, we need to remember who are in game friends.

As a result of this, I will not participate in any major boss battles for a while. I will come back to them at a later time, but not atm.
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If it was the Chief i was a part of then, dont sweat it. As far as i know it wasnt an issue. Ani callator and i moved on and I don't think we really noticed. We just gave up on that boss for the time being. I do think i know who you mean and im sure it was just out of frustration. We do blow thru idols regardless of what druid is there just cause of the difficulty of bosses. Cheer up bro. Its not the first time we failed a boss n wont be the last. I guess its just easy to blame druids when it goes wrong but its a collective fail. Sorry you got the heat. :/

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