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Take some action otm

Here you go otm. Here are some accounts that have been traded and bought. Lets see if u do anything about it. For example ban the accounts from game. *Name Removed* a lvl138 mage and lvl102warrior on the same account. *Name Removed* lvl96 ranger. *Name Removed* a lvl121rouge. Will u take action? Or are u bluffing? I can give u account names if u pm me.

Yours sincerely
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Re: Take some action otm

so you sell your accounts and then want them banned? truly scum.

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Re: Take some action otm

Actuall OTM should do a tutorial on Rules or something to new and/or existing players. Make it compulsary( spelling error, i know sorry ).. Im sure some players dont know the rules. The acc trading thing is that is writen when on loading screen is not effective. My game loads fast, so i can really read what it says there.
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Re: Take some action otm

Community (Luthias) wrote:Do not post the names of such characters on the forum.

If you wish to report an account seller please do so using the in-game tool; this way the Support Team can quickly and effectively investigate the situation. Do not use the forum to report other players.

Don't know about anyone else but support takes a week (if not longer) to respond to me. Real smart if names aren't reported on here at least for people to see and people are falling into believing they are the original users. While support is still not on the case or have not looked into it.

Just saying.

Re: Take some action otm

Community (Luthias) wrote:If you wish to report an account seller please do so using the in-game tool

Lol, looks like your gonna have to report yourself darv :-)
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