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Old players comment here!

So I've played since July 2011 who else who still plays has played since 2011? I know Samkhan, SHADOWKRAR, Sarge1 have played since then so if you have been around since then please comment here. It would also help if you made a list of who you remember from back then. :twisted:
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TomCat -level 81 ranger
Fairhaven- level 64 warrior by far my oldest player 1.9 years lol
Fullmoon- level 38 Druid 391 heal
DragonWingz- level 31 Mage
Rabbit- level 25 rogue
World = lugh
Proud General of ELITES

Re: Old players comment here!

Hezbollah i believe played from a while ago
Lukov lvl 205 rogue
Lukov4 lvl 199 druid
Lukov2 lvl 63 warrior able to shield bash Aggy
Helpfullukov lvl 197 mage. Part three of the lukov combo
skywalker1 lvl 100 ranger
Expansion update 4 & destiny beta tester

Re: Old players comment here!

I play since november 2011, i remember when i started SHADOWKRAR was around level 50 haha
Server Lugh

Arrow26, ranger lvl 111+
Proud guardian of BERSERKERS

Since november 2011 and still at this level, it's a shame

Now decrease rapid shots cooldown and it's useful again :D

Re: Old players comment here!

sarge wrote:Oldies but goodies:
Sam (miss priss)
Myself as a warrior
These are the famous catacomb days. Everyone else is a noob!!!!

I remember you running around in your full plate armour in the catacombs and I used to be like "I'm going to be like Sarge!". I used to spend my days in the Avatar of Donn room looking for Revenant Lords of Donn to kill so I can get money and xp because they were the only ones that would give me xp :P

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