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Hello lugh. Just want to clear up a few things. The accounts darvmage/darv are in the control of another. Darvsranger account is not in control of darv. I only have 1 account i play on and that is a lvl86rouge assasinate. There was a scammer acc with similar name but not me. I will not be on this acc very often. Maybe only dailys. I won't be making any other accounts in celtic heroes and am sorry for the troubles i have caused with swapping accounts ect with everyone. Hope this clears up a few things. Have a good life everyone and remember its a game and real life is far too important to put a game first. Life is short so go live it.

Yours sincerely Darv


Who are you?
Roylitymage is darvmage and darv but who are u?


I thought it was all explained plain and simple. But here we go. I am darv, i was simply explaining that the account darvmage/darv is not me, it is lava. It was not scammed. I sold it to them. The same story with darvsranger account. It was me once but not anymore. I only do dailys on assasinate from now. Make sense??

Yours sincerely


I think it all got messed up when you were absent and left Darvmage to Lava :/ From there it was hard to tell who is who!


Shannon i dont even know who u are. I am just telling everyone that the darv of old is not on accounts darvmage/darv and darvsranger. Only on assisinate. Beleive what ever u want. Check my old posts on forums do what ever u have to to think its me. I really dont care anymore. Im even deleting assasinate and wont be returning to game. I am just letting everyone know i am not on my accounts.

Yours sincerely

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