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Bye :-)

Bye everyone, its been nice playing CH. This isnt supposed to be a 'Gah im never coming back to this game ever!' kind of goodbyes, its one of those 'I may come back in the future' goodbyes. (If you know what i mean o.O)
Take care everyone, even if you've never seen me or briefley know me.

Love u all :p
Golden ~ Lugh
113+ Ranger

Re: Bye :-)

see ya around golden. I still remember our race to level 80 when we were like level 78! fun times.
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Re: Bye :-)

My friend during the lower lvls, hadnt seen you for a long time.
Take care and i hope to see you some time again!
Server Lugh

Arrow26, ranger lvl 111+
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Since november 2011 and still at this level, it's a shame

Now decrease rapid shots cooldown and it's useful again :D

Re: Bye :-)

Goldy :cry: ... We had a few good times, will be really sad to see my leveling competitor leaving. Ur goal in life was to beat me in a dual, and i hope u comeback and do exactly that...

Very sad to see u go :cry:

Cheers :cry: :cry: :cry:

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