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Re: Enough with this bs

You all are seriously fighting over community for a forums accout?... Makes no sense
HiYo lvl 120 warrior
FallenRogue lvl 95 rogue
FallenDruid lvl 75 druid
RogueWave lvl 60 rogue
MofoKser lvl 25 rogue
Only person who exaggerates on levels

Re: Enough with this bs

Lolz wanna know why people are fighting for a forums account? cuz sam has friends that care about him :) unlike someone *cough* *cough* HiYo
World: Lugh
Clan: Pegasus
Rob155: 225 Warrior
Robsranger: 225 Ranger
Robtherogue: 190 Locker

World: Epona
Guapoo: Aspiring nub ranger

Re: Enough with this bs

Free sam....... And what bs is that lyric? You tired of people trying to get sam acc back? Why dont u go make another lane im sorry post.

"Strap on your Thor helmet and do the fandango."
Missing my Lil sammy :(

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