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Re: Aggragoth Fight Dicing Thoughts and Reactions

Sorry Toy, I didnt mean to leave you hanging out there. To me everything went fine until the dicing. Last time I looked aggy died. The problem I see is that most Serkers were late to the fight. Im sorry, but if your late ask someone. We used the so called Toy rule. 4 aggy drops and 4 dices. Congrats Artio on your luck. Shame on Gary for doing that to your wife. I hope Shadow deals with that situation but I wouldn't hold your breath.
Toy, I have to disagree with you on the dicing rule. When Serkers do aggy, they call the shots or if I read right, they get "fired" if they dont go with clan rules. This was not a Serker fight. Very few attended. Your named rule worked fine. Apparently lots of bitter folks who did not get a drop as I guess they are accustomed to. Im glad to see that so many clans participated in the fight. Bit of a learning curve however very fun.
Sorry to say the nastiness came out in a few but it becomes more apparent everyday. Well Toy, I say we continue even though you would like to wait. I defer to your opinion. For you Serkers out there tow the line. Dont want to see any of you on the unemployment line. Have a good one!!!
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Re: Aggragoth Fight Dicing Thoughts and Reactions

didn't we have an overall voting here on the forum on how we handle aggra?
didn't most players from both clans vote for the old method?

why then demanding a procedure most don't like?

you said there was a voting in the beginning of the fight.
when i arrived at 90% how shall i even know about a new way of distribution and voting if no one tells me!
you want me to ask for it? since it was the first time it should be your job to tell this to the people that come a bit later.
because this shows fairness. you want the lead, so you also take responsibility.
and btw most people i talked to also didnt know anything about the voting in the beginning.

but what concerns me most is the following:
as mentioned above we had long discussions here on the forum about the way to handle the drops.
and we came out with a decision most players agreed to. so whats wrong with that?
i dont want to play in a system where depending on the one person who gets the group, all methods about the distribution are changed.
because this is the real leadership bs no one wants here! it's going to be random madness.

i really want this to be a fair place. and when i spend my free time playing i would like to enjoy this with my friends here no matter what clan they are in.

and sarge drop your hate! it's getting more than boring.
maybe you should follow your advice that you tell everyone you don't like: take some time off from the game and enjoy life.
you once were a great person. get back to this!


Re: Aggragoth Fight Dicing Thoughts and Reactions

Only hate I see is coming from you. So look at yourself and no one else thanks. As for the forums. I believe you were voting on what Shadow wanted when it was his group. As there was little to no Berserkers in the fight, whats the big commotion? If its a Shadow lead fight or one of his clan mates then group dicing is expected.
As Sam said earlier, the only peeps who seem to be complaining are he ones who get all the drops. Hmmmm doesn't sound fair to me. Im glad others such as the good folks from Syndicate got to fight aggy for the first time. Congrats to them. Keep up the good work.
As for your other statement. Im still the same. I just kept my mouth silent. Things must have gotten pretty bad for me to speak. You want class dicing, then I persuade you to only fight with Serkers and throw in some Ancients. Or as Shadow suggest, wait for update and then there an be the almighty lock once attack begins.
No hate here. Talk to your buds and be sure to apologize to Sabre for the unwarranted attack on her. Oh, and your right, you might need a break from the game. Have a good one all.
P.S. Toy his is why I didnt respond. Have to hear this sort of stuff just waste time. But it is highly entertaining. Cya Toy. :)
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Re: Aggragoth Fight Dicing Thoughts and Reactions

SHADOWKRAR wrote:I agree with you Sam, this is a game and we all have different opinions about how to play, and how to dice drops. No need to fight over that topic over and over, in countless forum threads.

previously, Toy made a very useful thread asking players if they prefered to dice according to class or randomly, the result was pretty clear : most players voted in favour of dicing according to class, including most ancients. But even if that result was clearly expressed to Toy, he preferred to ignore it.

Toy does not need to justify himself, that's his very own right to impose random dicing as an Ancient policy. (But I don't want to speak on Toy behalf, I know he don't really care about drops and he just truly thinks random dicing is the best way for all)

Indeed differents chieftains can differ on how to dice drops. After all a chieftain is a leader, and a leader may disagree with most, because in his heart he feels what he impose is the right move to do for the best interests of his clansmates or for all.

As chieftain of Berserkers, I also have my own point of view : For me dicing randomly is a vicious circle : you need to buy most of your drops, so you also need to sell very expensive the drops you do not need. It worsen frustrations between players.

I already made it a berserker policy to dice drops only according to class after our fights. But now since this last Aggy fight were Toy and Sarge imposed random dicing, I had a new policy in my clan : I forbid my clansmates to support any incoming fights with random dicing.

Why ? because as chieftain, as the leader of my clan, I want to make my clan going in the best way, the way I think is the right path... I ma be wrong, but that's what I feel in my own heart too... I truly think random dicing is going against the spirit of our peaceful community in Lugh, just promoting greed as we need too spend hundred of thousand of gold to buy drops. It make this game hell, and I don't want my very own clansmates to promote this way of playing CH.

That's why I will fire any of my clansmate supporting a random dicing fight. Even if I loose many of my clansmates, I cannot just go against the way I feel. i prefer a smaller clan, but bros and sis sharing my vision of playing CH and I am making a stand for the sake of our community.

Now, how to solve the problem when two differents clans think differently about dicing and most players are friendly to each other ? Before a real problem. But with incoming V4 and the new target lock, everything will be solved by a fair challenge : the two groups will make it clear how they want to dice, if they agree to dice the same way, they do the fight together. If they disagree, the group who will lock the boss first will get the drops.

What is sure berserkers won't fight and dice randomly, and we will peacefully fight for the lock in the event that we face another group wanting to dice randomly. This will add more challenge in Lugh ! Good luck to lock your target and ultimatly we will see what most players prefers, random dicing or dicing according to class, I think players are smart enough to make their choice and pick up their side.

Shadow out ! ;)

HOW DARE U INSULT TOYCATS LEADERSHIP U UNGRATEFUL WASTE OF SERVER SPACE!!!I believe u have decided to go to the dark side of the force... U insult other, like ur perfect... Shadow ur the farthest away from perfect I've seen in a while...

I've tryed to say lugh is gunna go to hell for awhile... Now looks what's happening...

Re: Aggragoth Fight Dicing Thoughts and Reactions

The bottom line, is that many were not aware of the dicing method prior to the start of the fight. I was there at the beginning, well before the start, and was not given the opportunity to vote. I mentioned at that time that I dont mind either way of dicing, but that all present and meeting level requirements should vote. I still do not know who voted for the method. The reason that I stated that it needed to be explained before starting was just the reason that we are all here now. If this had been discussed and voted by all at the beginning, there would not be as much arguing now.

But, the past is the past. I personally dont mind either way and see merits to both arguments. However, it is necessary that all involved at the beginning of the fight need to be informed of the method to be used.

This will continue to be an issue as long as people are pushing their personal ideas. There are some in Lugh that only want others to fail. Personal opinions are always part of anything we deal with in life. A true meaning of a mature person and leader is how they deal with these differences of opinions. The leaders of the top clans are adults, lets get together and resolve this issue as adults without all the bickering, calling each other out, and the name calling.

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