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Clan legendz is now recruiting more people

We are now getting more people if u wanna join plz reply and tell us about ur main (must be level 50+)so we can decide if we can let u in....:)
Scamming is not allowed and we will not be tolerated about this scaming problem we will kick u out if u scam anyone from this legendz clan..:)
And there will be lotto in this legendz clan:)
U can donate the drop or stuff u don't need to the clan bank(legendaryBank)*
We hope u will have alot fun in our clan:)

Re: Clan legendz is now recruiting more people

Hi this is glow we are recruiting and it is true we would prefer u be lvl 50 to join we are accepting all over lvl 20 so long as ur active. And we do plan on making a lotto once we have enough members. When we have enough members i will be posting a topic on how the lotto will work.
Server: LUGH
Damnstraight lvl 223 Rogue (main)
Lyanna lvl 195 Mage
GlowInTheBow lvl 162 Ranger
Glowstaff Druid (currently levelling)

Name for any necessary reasons in signature no need to ask for me to add to post (just read signature :/ )

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