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Snapshot from Deth: Silentbladez (faked nick) is a scammer

Hey all,

I am posting this on behalf of Deth, my clanmate who has trouble posting pics here.

He asked me to upload a snapshot of an in-game convo where Silentbladez - probably i faked nick like SiIentbladez with i or something - admits he is a scammer.

Deth, please, comment your snapshot below.

in-game convo snapshot
IMG_0094.png (254.79 KiB) Viewed 1056 times
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Re: Snapshot from Deth: Silentbladez (faked nick) is a scamm

Ok...snipes...first off...stop using...periods...its...quite...understandable...*sarcasm*

Second off, I've known silentbladez a while, and i know he wouldn't scam anything. Yes im a "scammer" and unfathomable and im not sticking up for another "scammer", im just putting my 2 cents in.

And like toy said, someone couldve easily put a I instead of an l, possibly someone who doesn't like silentbladez much

AND when silent asked deth for his reasoning on how he knows, he couldn't back it up except for this one picture that he has no proof if it is silent or not
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Re: Snapshot from Deth: Silentbladez (faked nick) is a scamm

The truth has been said, and why cant we just drop this i mean really you have all these scams and ur focusing on this very one doesnt make since,
I think toy only posted this was becuz a clan member asked and deth doesnt know how to post pics so nothing against you toycat
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Re: Snapshot from Deth: Silentbladez (faked nick) is a scamm

For me no smoke without fire. here is my personal input for :

Scammers : marksilver, lostgirls (with an "s" aka sirlord), Silentbladez, golden.

Rude Jerks : Hiyo (King of the King), Schis, Midknight, Over9000, Mrpvp

Liar : Snipes (can admit it at least but too proud), Ricktor (for accusing wrongly wendell, admit it without shame and can make huge appologies lol)

Insane, real Madness : Ricktor

Ksers : Lep, Mrpvp

Old bear Psychopath (theory of shadow's tyranny) : Sarge

Now please do comments and send me you love lololol !
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