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Re: Snapshot from Deth: Silentbladez (faked nick) is a scamm

rob155 wrote:Agreed lep and mrpvp rude idiot jerks :D lep and mrpvp both ksers btw :x

Shhhhhh rob... Lol, He could be reading this. I saw mrpvp on a few days ago and said lep might come back after update
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Re: Snapshot from Deth: Silentbladez (faked nick) is a scamm

GreenLinder wrote:Uhmm , No . Your Not " Just a Scammer There " , You Scammed My DarkFlame Set Punk . I knew it , Idgaf , Your Lame Asf . Go Play lego's SilentBladez .

You can be funny sometimes lol ur such a little baby you make a big deal out of something that happen months ago if i said sure ima scammer would that make you happy?(which im not) and bro i have so many people that can prove to you im not a scammer and most of all a scammer doesnt make a beware of scammers video and btw why do you think Legos are for little kid? Ik people that are over 40+ that make the most amazing things you would ever see so ya have a nice day
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