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Shadow the Dictator : Honestly so bored

Result of Toy vote about "simplified" or "advanced" dicing method :

Simplified Method :
4 (Berserkers : Lukov / Ancients : Toy / Thorn & Craven : Kam, Sarge
Advanced Method : 16 (Berserkers : Shadow, Wytt, Garys, Daft, Gin, Jaaaaa, Wendell, damager / Ancients : Sam, Akbar, Calumallen, thoro / Aftermath : Waio, Roger Ranger, loncool / Outsiders : Lightface)

I do respect other opinions like Toy's and Lukov (who's my bro in berserker), but I do also regretfully disagree with them about dicing and it is my own right : starting today Berserkers's policy will be dicing according to class only.

Now to furthuermore simplify all the talks about me beeing a dictator, let's make it simple because I am getting bored to be seen as a tyrant. I am a family man, a salesman having a lot of time to play a game he loves, and I don't want to spend my time to justify myself from non-clansmate : I managed quite well my clan, by beeing an example first. Some may say I am a greedy player, but I do give out a lot of items free to my clansmates.

- I am not the king of Lugh, I am the chieftain of Berserkers's clan ;
- I do protect my clan interest, and this is perfectly normal ;
- I am not there to organize you own clan in term of strategy and boss kill planning, I have no obligation toward a non-clansmate, I answer to my clansmates, and only them can tag me as a dictator and are free to leave me if they do think I am unjust.
- But I do allow any friendly player not from our clan to join us in any top fights if they do match recs.

Lugh is at peace, not at war.

I really do appreciate a lot of players from Ancients like : Sam, Thoro, Arty, Heal, Ak, Callu, Ani, Toy, Ladyb... Aftermath : Longcool, Roger, Waio, Max... and I really respect Kam and Lightface. They will always be welcome to our fights, no matter the clan they are in. If one day my clan is reduced to only me, I hope they will return me the favor.

Now this beeing said, I will stop argue on this forum with unfriendly player like Sarge brainwashing oldtimers like Ginger and tagging me as a tyrant and doing anything they can to just form up a confrontation instead of all leveling our characters and fighting allongside at peace.

So to conclude : do think whatever you want, play this game for fun, you have no obligation to agree and support me in this game, but you should allow me the same right in return. This is pretty simple to understand on server at war like Danu, but it seems not on Lugh.
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SHADOWSNIPPER : Ranger 72 Full Meteroric
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Clan : Chieftain of BERSERKERS clan

Re: Shadow the Dictator : Honestly so bored

Hola Pepe
Wow, must have struck a nerve with ya. Just state the obvious and you go berserker. Hahaha...im sorry to see hat it affected you so badly. Name calling in game, ksing....not the behavior of a chief. Im glad to see that Kam is welcomed back to the agg fights. As far as old players go, which im one, i dont have to say anyhing. Your actions speak well enough. One question though, why you have to speak bad about Danu? I play that server and have had no problems wih it. Have a great day......
Sarge1 : Druid 180+ Chief of Craven

Re: Shadow the Dictator : Honestly so bored

Shadow... Just a couple things to clear up... I tryed to apologize to u a long time ago... And quite recently... Both from which u ignored
No matter wat anyone says u will never be a dictator... Lugh doesn't have a government... U will always be a tyrant

Definition of a....
Tyrant-a sovereign or other ruler who uses power oppressively or unjustly.- wat u r no matter wat u or anyone says

Dictator- a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.
-Taken from dictionary.com....

Re: Shadow the Dictator : Honestly so bored

Good one Snipes,
However, I've never called Shadow a tyrant or dictator. He read my words and applied those terms to himself. I could care less about what has been said on he forums. Life is to short and its just a game. Most peeps apparently play the game as they are hopefully not in real world. If not, I hope they all leave away from me.
As we can see, Shadow must feel the way he does because its truly him. I never called him a dictator or tyrant. My claim to fame is telling him to get a frickin life, thats all. His cronies have used those terms but not I. If im mistaken I apologize for those terms.
Have a great day everyone. Oh and Shadow, dont be so insecure. Dude your that way for a reason. And it's a lite spooky leveling with your alt lurching around.
Sarge1 : Druid 180+ Chief of Craven

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