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Don't try to scam me it won't work

Some guy named tried to scam my rouge he whispered I am owner of Celtic (he didn't finish) and then said want me to double your shield and I said no scam
Read my posts down you see my chars none of them will fall for a scam so don't try to scam me I see four scam shouts everyday come on earn your stuff or go to a diffrent world

Re: Don't try to scam me it won't work

There is a club in my city called "The Rouge Lounge".
Eonan of LUGH. (Ancient Celtic for Fear).
dob lvl 125 + qop lvl 83
Rufustus lvl 87 + Heroneous lvl 86
Rufustuz + Heroneouz + Boudiccas + Gwyrtheyrn
Ayliastra + Austrielya
All are Warriors.
"Nothing to Fear, but Fear".

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