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VOTING: End bosses dicing

Dear all,

Since no one actually made any counter-proposal to Shadows dicing, I will be so daring to post it here and let you decide. I stress here, that this dicing is for end bosses, e.g. currently Aggy and event bosses only.

Shadow's "ADVANCED" dicing full system description is available at his post http://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=22767.

My "SIMPLE" dicing is really simple (dicemaster ceremonial is the same as Shadow describes, it is well designed so there is no need to change it, and btw, everyone loves tovern meetings :-)):
- if 1 group => who gets keeps
- if 2+ groups => all will roll a dice, highest number can select a drop of his choice, second highest can select from the rest of the drops, etc. until all drops are taken
- if two or more people roll the same number, they roll again just between the them to determine their order for drop selection

e.g. either "+ADVANCED" or "+SIMPLE",
please leave your comments on lines below your votes as it is in example of my voting.

I hope this help to settle things a bit because we should know what dicing style is favoured by most people.

Looking forward to your votes.

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Re: VOTING: End bosses dicing


I believe that simple dicing is more fair to all participants and provides more opportunities for both getting what you need and trading when you need. This way you do not need to be at the particular fight when an item you are waiting for weeks finally dropped, but you can trade it for another item you got earlier.
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Re: VOTING: End bosses dicing


I think the current system has worked well. However, a simple straight forward method as you propose should avoid any confusion. I like it.

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Re: VOTING: End bosses dicing

+Advanced. First i must point out this is not "Shadows" advanced dicing rules, the so called advanced dicing rules were agreed upon by everyone at the first few aggy fight, not simple thought up by shadow on his own. And as far as i am conserned it has worked very well so far and well keep doing so. Sure we have changed lvl recs and add some extra rules e.g changeing no class drops to class drops as this needed to be done. The intier reasoning for these rules in place is so the right people get these drop to make the high end boss fight quick easier and less expensive for all involed. This new simple system that toy calls his own is complet ***. I have been there and done this with frozen armor literally paying hundreds of thousands for drops people really had no right having in the first place i do not want this to happen again and thats all this simple system is giving people the chance to hoard item in there bank not welling to sell for right price only to swop or ask an insane amont of gold. Toy you must realise not everyone is the gods gift to lugh as you are.
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Re: VOTING: End bosses dicing


what if 4 warrior roll highest they get drop for mage, rogue, druid or ranger too :?
then the class who need it have to buy it expensive! also highest roll will pick not what he might need, he/she will pick drop what get most provit!!!
so defently ADVANCED!!!! no go for simple

Re: VOTING: End bosses dicing

xxWyttxx wrote:First i must point out this is not "Shadows" advanced dicing rules, ... This new simple system that toy calls his own...

Just to be clear I called it Shadow's and mine for the sake of simplicity. If you have read forums you would see that "my" system is a compilation of ideas of different people as is Shadow's system. I also did not include level requirements, because there will be another discussion whether 130, 140, 150 or anything else. I want to select a dicing system first, then we can tune up its parameters like level requirements.
xxWyttxx wrote:The intier reasoning for these rules in place is so the right people get these drop to make the high end boss fight quick easier and less expensive for all involed.

Yes, the initial idea we agreed to was as you described. But as I have explained in another thread it turned out, that Shadow's system favours rogues, rangers, and mages, because there are very little of them in Aggy fights compared to warriors and druids. I understand, that for you (rogue+ranger) it means saving a lot as it does for Shadow (warrior+rogue) or other player having the favoured class in any combination. If there is a ranger or rogue drop, you have like 1:2, or 1:3 chance that you get it, or you can have it without dicing at all if you are lucky to be the single ranger there. This could never happen for warriors nor druids, because these two classes are crucial to the fight and there is always a bunch of them. That is also reason why all rangers and rogues are very well equipped with aggy items compared to warriors and druids involved in aggy fights.

To be crystal clear and as I pointed out, I myself do not care about drops so much. I made this thread so all the people can chose what they like the best. And perhaps if we see a majority likes one system, the rest will follow the majority as it is in every democratic society.

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Re: VOTING: End bosses dicing

I would ask you to please refer everyone to my topic as there are 3 suggestions that could be voted in not just these two.
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Re: VOTING: End bosses dicing

Why not Simple VS Complicated ? or Generous Toy VS Greedy Shadow ?

Toy, you were the one keeping telling all oldschool players, the drops should go according to class and this very long time ago since V2. Now you want a simplified DICING of who gets keep even for the new dragon armor quest.

By comparaison, if we take for example the old Lavalord, it would mean in your "SIMPLIFIED WHO WIN A DICING KEEP WHATEVER HE WANTS" system : that again a ranger dicing the best score would get to choose for exemple a red lion, and then sell it to warriors in need of it or swaping to whoever, but maybe not to someone who ACTUALLY fought to take down a boss.

Pretty much all the high level in ancients got their Aggy brace free of charge.

Don't forget something Toy, our world has always been at peace and this dicing system according to class has worked fine and brought a good spirit among all high levelers in Lugh.

Now V4 will bring a new Lock on bosses. And if democracy works fine in a peaceful server, it has no meaning when simply major clans are at war. What is sure, I will not accept to spend plats to then having to spend again like meteoric and frozen one or two million gold to be fully dragon-armor equipped.

I don't understand why after an Aggy fight if a druid brace drop, we should allow a non-druid to get it.

I don't understand why after a new dragon armor boss fight, if a ranger dragon armor item drop, we should allow a non-ranger to get it.

This is once again everything you ever fought for.

The point is not to support all our best players so they all can get full upgraded and equiped faster and rationnally ????

Recs is discutable, but just making class drops once again the property of whoever gets it (in a group or by wining a dice) is clearly a problem. Instead of uniting the server like it never was before, you will simply be the one dividing it for good.

so "Who gets Keep" VS "Class Dicing" ? => As I do not wish to buy 400k a warrior or rogue drop from a ranger, I vote "ADVANCED"
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