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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

I would rather have a high chance of getting an item I actually want and need rather than having a super low chance of getting a random drop that I would just sell and add to my gold stack which I don't even need.

That's why I would like to suggest that casters should only dice for books, rogue, warrior, and ranger dice for tridents, class requirements for class rings/braces, and free rolling for dps rings. This is basically what it is at now other than classing the books and tridents.

I know this has been suggested before but I would just really like to see this change here.

As for requirements for fighting I believe the 10 below aggy for dps/tanks is just right as your damage isn't nerfed very much. As for mages I have no clue how the skills work and the effectiveness of them so I can't speak for them or suggest anything although over 130 is great considering you have */30 skills and a lot of points to spend. Druids I think the requirement should not be according to level but rather according to the effectiveness of their skills. If a druid level 130 is more spread out over more than 4 skills, chances are they don't have their stuff maxed and wont be as effective in some areas as a druid that has skills maxed with rings. I for one have maxed abundance and I see not many use it so I prove effective there, but I only heal 870 so not as effective there even though I am 27/25. I just think the basic standard for druids should be around 1k touch or higher or assessed on the usefulness on the skills they have.

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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

Venus wrote:I would rather have a high chance of getting an item I actually want and need rather than having a super low chance of getting a random drop that I would just sell and add to my gold stack which I don't even need.

I am sorry to tell you, but your logic is flawed.

If you do the math you have MUCH higher chance of getting a drop you want if you roll for all drops. You do not take into account that if you are lucky with a good warrior drop then every warrior will be happy to trade the drop for the good druid one you want. Since you need to be lucky only once and ANY warrior could be lucky for you to get the drop in a subsequent trade your chances of getting the drop are suddenly rocket high. And I did not take into account tripple exchanges when three people each getting a drop the other one wants and you can all three trade it and benefit from it.

Also as i pointed out before, the main advantage is that now you suddenly have a chance to trade the drop for an item you need which dropped in Aggy fight you missed.

I hope you see now how beneficial rolling for all drops and trading them anytime you need can be instead of the current "be there and be lucky now or never" system.

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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

Hey all,

As many of you asked me to give my opinion regarding loots and dicing, here it come :

First : Level requierement

As many said and noticed, lower levels don't do much damage against agg.

I will suggest a 140 level requirement for warrior,ranger, rogue and Mage.
-warrior tanking agg with high taunt and shield bash to give tempo for the rest of groups to recover from adds or heals
-warrior tanking mages with taunt and warcry to keep Mages on him

Then I will agree with most of you regarding druids.
-they should be able to heal 1000 plus as since update there is more mobs in cave
-they should have some regen items or energy sigils, we don't want them to be out of energy and don't be able to cast heals

Now regarding the group :
Every groups are formed by 8 players.
We don't need to be more than 2 groups to do agg, as many of us are high levels.
Many of us have an alt too, so we should be able to fill the group with the required classes.
My idea regarding the group composition is :
First, the groups can only be formed by players and NOT their alts.
Why? Cause like this only players in group can dice at the end.
What about the composition of group?
1st group :
Warrior tank agg with requierement
Druid support agg with bark and heal
Druid support agg with embraced and heal
Druid support agg with abundance and heal
Warrior tank mages with requirement
Druid support Mage with bark and heal
Druid support Mage with embraced and heal
Mage with lures, cloak and incinerate and dps

2nd group :
Ranger to pull mages at the beginning
Warrior with taunt to take adds away from Druids healing
Ranger,rogue,warrior or Mage for dps
Ranger,rogue,warrior or Mage for dps
Ranger,rogue,warrior or Mage for dps
Ranger,rogue,warrior or Mage for dps
Druid with heal and vines supporting 2nd group and support on agg tank when all cleared
Druid with heal and vines supporting 2nd group and support on agg tank when all cleared

The second group will take care of all adds, then will focus DPS on agg when every things is clear.
This group is very important, so as soon, adds are noticed, actions MUST be taken.

Now, some of you will say :
If we can't found the player to take part in fight, how do we do? What about our alts?
If after contacting all the player who could take part in figh, we are still short, then alts could be grouped in.
Now regarding the grouping of the alts, as I SAID and will repeat it again, FIRST we try to group players THEN alts.
In tha case, alt should be conciders as player , as they may use idols or pots, they are replacing a potential, missing player.
So they should be entitled to dice at the end.
As many of us have many alts, the highest alt class needed should be add to the group, rewarding that player for grinding a second character and helping the rest of the community to be able to do that boss fight.
When the group are filled, and if player wants to bring they alts to help fight, they are more than welcome, but don't expect to dice with them too!! The two groups can easy take agg, they will spend maybe an extra minute or two, but they will get the job done.

Now regarding the dicing :
Most of you know that I am not too young ahahahah, and I have been playing many muti-online game for a long time.
In most of theses games , the dicing in the end is plus or minus the same.
So, I ll agree with Toy comments.
My idea of dicing is :
As Shadow said and I agree with him, one dice master should be nominated, and just before killing agg, so everybody is present when said.
Then that person, HAVE to described all the loots before starting any dicing in the tavern.
Then only the 16 players in the 2 groups can dice.
They are 4 drops per fight.
EVERY BODY , I will repeat again, EVERY body in the 2 group dice on the yell of the dice master,then a second yell from him closing the dicing. So only the dicing between the yell can be valid. So please, pay attention !!! , I know that some need to go as quick as possible, as we all do!!!
Now the higher dice started choosing his loot that he will prefer, no matter on class, then the second choose and third and forth.
Why? As Toy said, some day you won't be able to do the fight and will missed a loot that you may want.
So, maybe you know a loot that someone wants to trade for it and have the possibility to have it.

Some of you will say, why a 140 get a 150 loot he can't not use ?. I will tell this people, stop being selfish and greedy, as many of you did get some items he could not use, and he was a good insentive to grind quicker to 150 !!!!! So please don't give me this bs excuses !!!

Ok, that is it for me guys, but as I said, this is only my opinion !!!
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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

Ok. I agree with a dps mage been 140. Within 10 lvls of agg. I as a 136 mage won't do much dps to agg. I am more than happy to alt to max cloak and ice fire assas soldiers lvl15 lures at least. Is that ok?? Ill just alt back after agg. Does this seem fair?? Also for event bosses a 135+ mage will take kill on boss. Been proven i out damaged shads rouge and rest of group was 150 warriors.

Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

Great post Kam and Toy. However, both your reasoning is flawed. Both of you make a very good argument for the fights. The one flaw I see is that a particular clan already receives 90-95% of all drops. Why would they want to change that. I second the thought of Kam that alts should be the last ones taken for the fights or raise the limit of requirement. It still disturbs me that requirements for druids are dumbed down. But if you take a look at it, who has all the low level druids who just by chance make the level requirements. So you can heal over 1k. Big frickin deal. Spend an hour or two on xp pots and you can do it. I propose 140 as bottom requirement for all classes. It would solve the dicing issue by eliminating the lower level alts. But at this time, nothing will change so you have to go with the flow. Hope this post wont get me black balled again but whatever. Proposals have been made in the past but have been thrown aside. Until the core issue has been addressed things like dicing dont matter. Have a great holiday season all.
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