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This is funny

Ok almost 95% of the people in this game know me.

First off i have been accused of ksing and scamming last night.
Thats what i find funny about this. I have never ksed anyone never except possibly on accident. Which i was accused last night of ksing a kings guard at light house. Well if in my offense not my fault u cant kill them solo.

Second i got accused of scamming. I bought a white yule hat for 10k. The person who sold waited til later and demanded more gold. Not my fault u sold it cheap, a deal is a deal. I sale stuff cheap all the time and never ask for more gold after i sold it. So dont call me a scammer cause u made a stupid mistake.

Both of these noobs maid it clear they would let people know. So lugh this is up to u to belive. But there r very few people i havent grouped with it helped. So take it how u want it.

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Re: This is funny


If it does any difference to you I say Thoro is no kser nor scammer and he is my friend who always helped me when I needed. He also discussed with me the white hat story and I told him that it is noobs mistake that he sold cheap.

I myself did sell cheap many times not knowing the right price and I also bought overpriced items for the same reason. It was my bad however and no one ever scammed me yet (lucky me).

I advise all to be careful what you say about people you barely know in a game you know little about. Those who play longer know each other quite well and the only thing you achieve is that no one will believe you when a real bad thing happens to you.

If I may be so bold I hereby find Thoro NOT GUILTY and consider this case closed.

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Re: This is funny

LOL and accusing of ksing a guard?? :lol: :lol: they dont even drop anything xD LOLOL, and your no scammer like this overpricer ;) youve done many xfers for me...
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Re: This is funny

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