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Re: Report an Ancient

I just want to let you and everyone else in Lugh know, that HiYo has scammed over 1.7m worth of items most likely from transfers (hes not telling me how but he has for sure scammed) and he is now on the account RogueWave. Watch out for him,

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Re: Report an Ancient

Hello Venus,

This is a strong accusation. Do you have anything to support it? How do you know it? Do you know whom he scammed and/or what he scammed? Did the victim reported the scamming via support? Any other details are welcome.

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Re: Report an Ancient

Hey toy i got on early in the morning and someone told me that HiYo scammed xroguex123 of all his regens and such and sole em all idk how he scammed but most likely from transfers like venus said thats all ik atm
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Re: Report an Ancient

Dear Toycat

Recently, my friend XRogueX123 had been scammed by Hiyo.As we all know Hiyo usually borrows items(heroic gloves of haste,Heroic ammulet,energy brace) from XrogueX123 and gives it back but suddenly Xroguex123 has been telling me that Hiyo has been sellling XRogues items.Now i have been trying to talk to hiyo but as usual he has been unresponsive.Me and Xrogue have talk about this matter and so XrogueX123 had desided to report hiyo in support. I have desided to tell you about this matter so u can help me and XrogueX123 resolve this matter

From : Rothar :D

Re: Report an Ancient

Hiyo is no longer in Ancients clan.

I suggest all who did not already do it to write to the in-game support and ask to block Hiyo, his account, and all accounts involved in transactions of scammed items.

I am truly sorry for this incident and as for Hiyo he blowed up his last chance to be accepted on Lugh.

Let the poor kid rest in peace and I sincerely hope he is not shot dead while stealing stuff in real life.

Merry Christmas

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