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Report an Ancient

Dear all,

As I have heard about quite a few incidents recently, I encourage anyone who thinks he or she had been treated badly by an Ancient member to report it in this thread. I will keep an eye on this thread and once the report is verified it will be dealt with swiftly.

For anyone who wishes to join us, I have to announce that the limit for new members is as of now 130. However for friends and known good people this limit could be as low as 100 and will be considered individually.

Fellow Ancients, please read futher (others can read out of curiosity too, of course).

To continue on the level limits, the limits do not apply to the current members and to alts of the current members - alts may be under level 100 to join. But to all whos primary character is below level 100 it is strongly recommended to level up to 100+ ASAP. The clan does not need your 5 alts below 100, we need your main to be 150+ :-).

To continue on the incidents, I am very tolerant but I will not tolerate if any of you will behave badly putting dirt on Ancients clan nor if anyone will be taking open hostile actions against anyone. If you have an issue with someone, talk about that in private or block him. Revenge will do no good to you.

Just for a reminder, a few basic rules. I stress basic here. There is no full set of rules like a law-book so do not try to be a smartass finding how to bend any rule. Bear in mind, that general social rules like in real life apply all the time.

Rule no.1) Enjoy the game fully but NEVER on anyone's expense.
=> If you help anyone make sure you will not make harm to other players.
Rule no.2) Do not engage in any questionable actions.
=> It is better to leave gracefully than become a kser out of revenge.
Rule no.3) Do not exploit clanmates.
=> If you wanna sell for a high price, it is your choice but what you offer in clan chat I expect to be for a friendly price or free if you are that generous.
Rule no.4) Do not ask for support if you do not support others too.
=> We in Ancients help each other, but anyone who is not willing to help the clan will most likely not recieve help from the clan either.
Rule no.5) I urge all higher level players in clan to help lower levels so the clan is stronger.
=> As for lower levels, do not expect anyone to nurse you. As a rule of thumb ask for help players up to 30 levels higher then you are only. Do not expect a 150 level to help you with Lavalord when you are level 60 unless he is your good friend. Actions like these are considered annoying.
Rule no.6) In arena, engage in friendly fights only and make sure that all participants understand that the fight is friendly.

To lighten the mood and for those who did not get it from the above, I have made a little Q&As aka Ancient's "Find another clan" rap (hope you like it. :-)):

Q: Wanna KS or scam?
A: Find another clan.

Q: Wanna exploit a friend?
A: Find another clan.

Q: Wanna fight in hate all men?
A: Find another clan.

Q: Wanna just take and don't give a damn?
A: Find another clan.

Q: Wanna whine, annoy, and spam?
A: Find another clan.

Q: Wanna help people and enjoy the game?
A: Welcome to the Ancients clan!

Thank you all for reading and see you in the game soon.

... Toycat the Druid of Ancients in world Lugh ...
:. .:. .:. .:. .:. Patience is a virtue :. .:. .:. .:. .:

Re: Report an Ancient

I am very pleased that no one has been reported so far so I wanna thank all Ancient members for their good representation of the clan.
... Toycat the Druid of Ancients in world Lugh ...
:. .:. .:. .:. .:. Patience is a virtue :. .:. .:. .:. .:

Re: Report an Ancient

We are United
When it comes to Ancients were just fast hand slighted

You wanna Spam?
Fool. Your better off baking super grilled ham
You just feel the need to scam?
Then your at the top of the hitlist where players can run past and ram
just like that... BAM!

Your in for revenge?
That reminds me of the things i use to klenge
But if u seek such a thing, it'll give me all the more reason to avenge. (aka kick lol)

You play fair
Try and be pin point accuarate and square
Otherwise you get the eye of the chieftain 'Stare'
(And it doesn't end well for you there...)

Your Loyal
It steams us up like a kettle that boils
If you are committed...
Then Ancients is a place YOU can be fitted

We are Legion!
Some of us are Norwgian! (O.O)
We don't give a damn about your region
Just as so we get along and give OTM a good season

We are Paitent!
not in consistent
if you are a true Ancient...
You will fight along side our empire!
Definately you will not redisire

Welcome to Ancients!

(P.S. If your a lady WELCOME TO SAMMY's WORLD)

Re: Report an Ancient

Hey Toy, I like to report Hiyo. I would like to thank him for waiting until the training session was complete before killing the mobs. My only suggestion would be, please dont heal or use any skills near the mobs because you can steal aggro. Thanks again Hiyo for waiting. Happy hunting. :)
Sarge1 : Druid 180+ Chief of Craven

Re: Report an Ancient

I would love to report an ancient

A person named rangersun decides he wants to ks me and my fellow friend we had falgren first all ours we attacked first and everything this is starting to get out of hand you need to do something bout to right now !

As you can tell im very pissed off right now >:(
Silentbladez (LEVEL 141+)
"A good Raider, is a dirty Raider"

Want a video made after you? Ill do it for you!!!!
Pm me for details!!!

Re: Report an Ancient

Hello Silentbladez,

Thank you for your report. I have investigated the matter and I found this. You were at Falgren spot with Rangersun when Falgren showed up. You both called your groups. Rangersun told me he invited you to join his group but you refused. Because of Rangersun showed this act of good faith I can hardly say he was ksing you. In fact you could be accused of ksing because refusing group means that you thought your group would win and you did not want to share drops. Rangersun told me Sabre was there too. i did not talked with Sabre yet but from what I have heard so far it really seemed there was no ksing from Rangersun at all.

Generally some bosses produce a good deal of tension because their drops are needed by many. Falgren is a good example. Please always group for these bosses when possible and do not envy drops to those who are lucky. It is impossible for all to have everything so try to be happy for those who are luckier than you instead of being pissed off by their luck.

Merry Christmas to all good people.

... Toycat the Druid of Ancients in world Lugh ...
:. .:. .:. .:. .:. Patience is a virtue :. .:. .:. .:. .:

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