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Clan Aftermath

Hello all! It's MaxeesVigor General of clan Aftermath and this is Aftermaths home topic so to speak.

In this topic I (as well as my fellow clanmates, chief and recruits alike) will be discussing all things clan Aftermath. So lets start it off.

Aftermath is a fairly new clan but we are coming up pretty strong I'd like to think. During our time together we have gained a close friendship amongst us and I'd like to think a good reputation. There will always be small squabbles here and there but for the most part of it we get along well with the other clans in Lugh. We have alot of great players in our clan and always help each other out as much as possible. We are still growing but we can only get bigger and we are always looking for new recruits and thats another reason for this topic. If you'd like to join clan Aftermath then please sign up here with your in game name and we'll get back to you as soon as one of us can.

There are two big rules i want to go ahead and mention though...
1. Be nice!
2. Don't be mean! (courtesy of Longcool)

Pretty simple rules if you ask me. They apply inside and outside of clan.

As far as ranks go in the clan, new recruits will remain so for a one month period for us to try and make sure you're commited. There is no level requirement for recruitment. We are open to all levels. Once promoted to clansman you"ll gain access to the clan bank, more on that later. Gaurdians will be picked not based on level but on loyalty, helpfulness towards the clan, and how trustworthy they are.

Recruitment will be done only through this topic for a number of reasons. One it'll help us track your recruitment period and two so the new recruit reads through this post so they get a jist on what this clan is about and how it works. Theres more but i don't feel like boring you with the details.

Now lets get into the clan bank. I'm not gonna get into the details as far as the library goes cause theres already a topic on that courtesy of Waio.
Like I said once a recruit becomes a clansman he gains access to the clan bank. Our bank consists of various frags, tabs, rems, and other quest items. Let it be known that we do not have a bottomless bank but we will help out with what we can. What I'd like for you clansmen and guardians alike is to make a small list on the forum stating a couple of quest items that you might need. Don't just state "I need all frags for warden and all tabs and rems for meteoric." Try to be specific and edit your list as we go so we know what you might need. Also know that some items will take us longer to get you such as drags, minds, etc...
We will work with you on getting those items but know that you'll need to help us as far as your fair share of camping for said items. As far as alts go, thats on you. We'll help with your main but when it comes to equipping your alts... Well... We need everyones mains equipped first and foremost. In the event that you decide to switch mains, that is understandable. Sometimes people play around with another class and like it better. Happened to me. Had i stuck to my main id still be a mage on Taranis instead of here. We will help you equip your new main but not until you pass your first mains level to prove to us that you are really switching. The bank is always accepting donations and you will be looked highly upon for your deposits. That will show us loyalty and sacrifice for the betterment of the clan. We do understand that everyone needs gold though, especially starting players, and you wont be looked down upon for selling items outside of clan every so often. As far as selling inside of clan there is a 25% discount to fellow clan members.

One quick note on boss runs. If we boss run as a group where the majority is clan Aftermath then drops should go to the bank to help out the clan. Of course if you need the drop you got then by all means keep it, we would just give it back to you anyways, or give the drop to a fellow group member of our clan if they need it. They worked hard that fight as well. If you're in a group where the majority isn't clan Aftermath then by all means the drops is yours and you can do what you want with it but try and remember your clanmates :D .

Things that will not be tolerated by Aftermath.
1. Scamming of any type. You will instantly be kicked and other clans will be alerted of your activites.

Things that are frowned upon.
1. Ksing (kill stealing). If it happens and one of us finds out you will be told to apologize to the other player or group. We will ask you to give the drops if it was a boss. If it continues you will be kicked.
2. Spamming selling in clan chat. Mention what you have but don't spam every minute that your selling an earth tab of marble. Also check on here. If people have there list up you'll know who needs it.
3. Begging. Just don't. You'll politely be asked to stop but if you don't it could result in you getting kicked.

One last thing regarding bosses. Don't take it personally if you don't get invited to group because of your level. Bosses are tough and we might need the spots for higher levels. If you found the boss and inform us and you didn't make it into the group because of your level you never know. One of us might give you our drop for compensation. If you need the boss for a quest though we will do everything we can to get you in the group.

So to sum things up clan Aftermath is a friendly clan that is always looking for new recruits. Always feel free to ask for help or information. Sign up if your interested and I look forward to seeing you in game! And if I missed anything please feel free to add in post or tell me in game. See you there!

Updated policies.
No players caught modding the game, main example being wall hacks that disable collision files, will be allowed in aftermath.
No bought, sold, or traded accounts will be allowed in aftermath. If you truly want the levels then you should put in the time to get them. No shortcuts.
Aftermath being the respectable clan that we are will abide by the terms of service that One Thumb Mobile has provided. Anything worth having is brought on by hardwork and a team that will support you, that team is aftermath by the way :). Lets keep up our reputation!
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Re: Clan Aftermath

Hi it's tbdestroyer
ATM I am ineed of the following items for meteoric and wep I need 2 red star and 2 air slates and an emrald boar tusk for astril greeves and I. Need 3 red space and 3 mind slates for Bp And 2 drag frag and 2 elms for Druids bp plus blue book cover I am also saving for royal shield of mountain also pumkins and a major wrmfang braclet
Ty for reading this post
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Re: Clan Aftermath

Great job with your post Maxee! I think you did a beautiful job describing the philosophy of our clan and clearly stated our rules. I would say to new recruits and those considering our clan, the purpose of the rules isn’t to be bureaucratic. The goal is to be consistent and fair to everyone in the clan.

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Re: Clan Aftermath

Wow, great job Max! I loved your way to explain the rules :)

At the moment,
I need:

~Fire Tab of Slate x2
~Copper Goblet.
~Dragon Frag x2
~Crown x2
~Dragon Frag x2
~Elm x2
I have:
+Green Remnant Of Water
+Yellow Remnant of Earth
+Green Remnant of Metal
+Crown Disc Fragment (I need for warden, but if someone needs, tell me :) )
I'm waiting for the clan bank to give it, but if you need, just ask me :).

I think its all. See you guys :)
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Re: Clan Aftermath


Great Post !!!
Proud 2b in Aftermath's Clan :P
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Re: Clan Aftermath

Nice job Maxee! (And definitely not too many words. :) )

One small unpleasant thing I feel I should add, given the recent theft from a clan member by another clan member. Because we may not know them very well before admitting them to the clan, you should not assume that just because someone is in the clan mean they are guaranteed to be honest. You should still exercise caution and not lend items or use someone to transfer until you know them very well. Of course, the vast majority of people are honest, but you cannot be certain that a given person is not one of the few dishonest types until you know them.

The exceptions to this advice are generals and guardians. I will personally vouch for any general or guardian to be honest and trustworthy, and I believe my fellow generals/guardians would agree with me. This is why they have their rank and why that rank is not dependent solely on level.

That unpleasantness aside, have fun!

Edit: Got my hawk :D so now I'm on the hunt for blue stags...and orbs...lots of orbs...
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Re: Clan Aftermath

Longcool wrote:One small unpleasant thing I feel I should add, given the recent theft from a clan member by another clan member. Because we may not know them very well
:shock: :shock:

I missed that, can I know what happened? Send me a message if it can't be public :geek:
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