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Hi all

Hey guys. I haven’t gotten a chance to post uptill now, but I’ve picked this server to start my adventure on. I’ve found a nice dude to help me out, shoutout to Ed Sheeran. I know he doesn’t play that much anymore as he said, but I’m glad for his guideance... sadly tho.. he’s a mage not a Druid.

Anyone able to help me with a solid hybrid build, stats, gear. Things I should save up for? Etc? He told me to get lots of Sigue. But honestly I’ll prob just buy that with money/chests. :-)

Re: Hi all

SirRisen77 wrote:
Dark Kitty wrote:I can’t help too much with druid but we do have a wonderful subforum which should help you! :D

Thanks! Those forum posts will definitely help me a bunch. Was hoping I could get personal guidance from someone on Taranis, but it looks like the forums is not so active.

Regenleif is a forum guide located on Taranis who happens to play druid as well. I'm sure they'd be happy to answer questions in a pm. If you have any druid specific questions, feel free to ask me as well!
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Re: Hi all

Welcome :-) Yep, Taranis' forum board is not too active, as you can see we have more foreigners than Taranisians!

We use the social app LINE for out-of-game communication, send me a message (my ID is "regenleif") and I'll invite you to the Taranis social/market groups and the CH Druids group.

Feel free to ask me any questions about Taranis or mechanics or your build, for general Druid questions I recommend posting on the Druid forum so others can benefit from the knowledge as well.

I'm sure I'll see you around, most high level Druids on Taranis are more than willing to offer their expertise, don't be afraid to ask :)
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