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Re: Few questions about Taranis

Lots of comedy here. Everyone blames someone else. Truth is there is great people amongst all clans. Bene didn't catch a bad rap because they want a different system. It's the circumstance that created bene that created the tension. If anyone thinks bene is all bad then they clearly never met the likes or spec and kif. Two of the most standup people in this game period. Examples could be made for aeon, pride , pd etc. some great people in each clan. It's all about finding which group of people best suits your personality...

Re: Few questions about Taranis

Guys all it is, is two different systems from different clans that contradict themselves. FFA can't exist if rotations exist and vice versa. Because of this a lot of negativity has risen. It is all good competition, sadly I fear that soon there will be no more competition for bene looking at the recent trend in which Union players seem to be abandoning the union in favour of FFA system.

Every system has its own drawbacks. FFA implies pay-to-win to some degree, and also if y'all haven't noticed the price of hastes went from 2k to -----k. Rotations however, have their own drawbacks as well. It does get quite boring taking turns to kill a boss that has a good chance to drop trash as per otm. Sometimes the very act of winning lock and killing the boss is more fullfilling than receiving a godly or perhaps void. Aeon tanked necro through rage inspite of dragged ghosts, that is an accomplishment that they would have never achieved in rotations. Yet again like I said FFA does have its drawbacks -- tons of lixes were used in the process.

When I was in pride, we were camping Skain, and I said I can't believe window used to be so long 1-2 hours. And an old veteran responded saying, camping long windows to get the kill vs camping short windows is like meeting a women at the strip club as opposed to investing time into fine dining and wining(something like that). And the former is much more of an accomplishment. Well what about competiting for raids? It requires strategy and skill as opposed to just showing up to a scheduled kill and just standing there doing the same thing over and over for 15-20 mins. The only thing I fear is that there will be no more competition for bene left, seeing the recent trend in union members leaving for bene.

Re: Few questions about Taranis

Hello All!!

This is kif the little green man and Guardian of Benevolence. I have been on Taranis for many years. Now keep in mind I am what you would call a snail leveler. So although I have been around longer than many I am only in the high 216's. I have only ever been in 3 clans of note. I was a founding member and General of Athena which was absorbed by larger clans once we grew to a mid-lever clan on Taranis. Athena was family we all shared and cared for eachother deeply and because of that we were all successful noobies. Then as part of the absorbtion of our little family clan into the larger endgame clans I followed my fellow leadership group into Pride. There were many good people in Pride and there still are. But as a whole if I would not have had my fellow athenians there I would have most likely quit the game. Many times I pulled kif out and put him back into Athena out of not enjoying the game. Athena was fun Pride was work. I am not sure about the rest of you but I am a grown man with a demanding career and a family. I cannot afford to spend my leisure time escaping reality by picking up a fictional job!! I never really fit in. I hated the point system and bank system and system system system. Spreadsheet schedule rotation wash rinse repeat speech!!!

I joined Benevolence in its fledgling days. We were few in numbers...almost every EDL boss was a raging nightmare to kill. But our struggle gave us purpose..it drew us closer together. We became a family!!! It reminded me of my Athena days when we hunted and laughed and struggl d but had FUN. In Athena all bosses we had were FFA because to endgame clans they were irrelevant and we dominated because of our activity and fellowship. Now Taranis is witnessing a similar movement on a much grander scale.

I joined Benevolence naked. Only the DL gear that I earned in Pride covered my little green self. I even had to use my frozen totem at first because it was all I had XD. But now mere months later I have full EDL, DL MH, one crown short of DL OH and nearly enough for my EDL MH. I have a pile of event lux, gold mixes etc. But most importantly I have found and helped read a new FAMILY. Benevolence has its issues and arguments sure....all families do!!! But we care about eachother and we fight and we try and when we fail we try again harder and better. That's why we keep growing....who wouldn't want a piece of that joy. Freedom is prescious and we relish in it all day everyday. We didn't start this crusade to destroy anyone. In fact we rarely talk about the union because they don't really affect us that much. If their system is a casualty of our freedom and happiness....we'll just have to apologize politely as the freedom train rolls them over.

Bene I love you all!!!

Re: Few questions about Taranis

PD was formed because the previous game we played closed. And after a hard war with the oppressor clan in that game, we formed deep friendship.

Take quite a lot of cue from the existing large clan, we formed clan banks, which those who manage them are caretakers. We don't have point system, just trust and putting the clan first. But that didnt work out as the lure of goodies and power corrupted, and i quit it long time ago. Not sure what system they are using, as those who left in disgust never look back as its a chapter meant to be forgotten.

As any MMORPG, dynamics changes, due to the very human nature of hiding behind a digital nick. But those who conducted themselves as real people, forged lasting friendship that last beyond the digital world. Taranis offers the unadulterated game play OTM meant this to be, from what I have read so far. So join the community if you like to experience a different play, and get to know people, form new friendship, and choose which clan suits you best. No one can help as they would have their own perspective and views. Im sure some blackhole person will also rebut the above points, but I don't really care, as I know who are my friends, who are just two face people. So just enjoy the game as it is meant to be with my friends...

Re: Few questions about Taranis

I have been looking into the server (myself and some1 else tht is looking to come with me) and after walking around and talking to ppl from most every clan our first thought was that we liked and wanted to pursue joining bene reason for tht is from ppl in the "union clans" (aeon pride para) every1 we tried to talk to for a long time would just ignore us or say ehh sorry no time to talk to u over and over and over some bene players were more willing to talk and chat with us however from the players in bene we spoke with (1 being a general) we got some help with noobs starter gear but aside from tht when asking if we could get any help with say lower tier quest armor or lower tier raid armor just something lender by clan as we will lvl fast (combined have over 6 toons 210+ on another server) we pretty much got hit with our clan really won't help y'all out we have b4 and got burned on it sorry talk to us when ur lvl 160 which ofc was a little bit of a turn off so we continued to try to talk to other ppl nirvana seems like good ppl but coming from another server in a clan tht has struggled to get to endgame and still isn't there it isn't really something we r looking to do again and a member from pride finally was willing to talk to me and found out they had a lvl 100 req and would be willing (according to the player I spoke with) to help us out more on lower lvl armor/raid items to help us lvl to end game faster as of right now we r still feeling the server out but that is what we have observed so far

Also thanks to every1 for ur responses so far

Re: Few questions about Taranis

Hi I'm Hajtand. I'm a lvl 221 Ranger who played at Taranis for about 1,5 years. I'm also the leader of the clan Nirvana. Sorry if language ain't perfect, English ain't my mother tongue.

When I was young I ran a 500+ ppl clan in Everquest, which was one of the first online rpg's. It went on for about 6 years until I had final exams at college and had to quit. Here 10 years later, as an adult with family and a demanding full time job, I decided to pick up my old hobby, to have some fun and relaxing hours.

For me it was never having the best endgame clan in Everquest who was the most fun, but the road towards becoming the best was! It was easy to develop tho as I started at the time the game came out. So when entering CH it wasn't to just join an existing endgame clan, but to try experience the game as it was brand new to get all the victories and defeats on bosses, which makes you figure out new ways and strategies. But it's hard to get this experience in an 3 year old game with established end game clans. The ones with power and good gear will almost always win lock and make it extremely difficult to develop a clan, as members will be frustrated seen top clans gain items 20 times faster.

When I joined Taranis, there was only union clans. This was the server for me as this rotation agreement made it possible for me to experience the game as it was new. For example when my clan believed we was rdy to kill Aggy, we could just ask for a go, and union clans would give us a spawn to test our strength. This way we didn't have to compete against 3 year old clans with high levels fully geared with edl. I wouldn't mind fight a clan of same age on more even terms tho. After successfull clean clan kill you entered rotation making it possible for us to gain good gear as upcoming clan, even tho the other clans would have outlocked us everytime in a lock battle. Imo a nice environment for making new upcoming clans! The costs of this environment was a lot of rules. Good for many but also overwhelming for others.

As a new player I met especially 2 kind ppl in taranis. One added me into Nirvana when it was a clan of 15 ppl all below 100, and helped me with gear. Another gave me drops for warden and meteoric. Good ppl do indeed exist at Taranis.

I decided to repay this goodwill and later on accepted leadership at Nirvana in order to help all new players start on Taranis. There wasn't really any clans for the little ppl as other had either high lvl req or just huge expectations for the players. All was welcome in Nirvana if they just treated ppl nice. We are a clan without point systems and big ruleset, so that all types of players have a place to be. Instead we follow a philosophy to work for making us strong as a clan instead of individuals. This is a place where ppl think of others than just themselves. Others outside clan found our mission very noble and donated huge amounts for the cause. Some still do. We do gear all who joins with all we can. Atm up to middle of dl, with exceptions for some of the top drops that we runs out of once in awhile. We hand out as soon as ppl can use them if we have in stock. All drops from dl bosses and up are mandatory donations in order to put them where they do most good for the clan as a whole.

We never got to take Aggy down before Bene formed tho and introduced free for all play style. We did however grew strong enough to face a lock battle at aggy, so now the competition is welcome. I wont comment much on the history of this server war as it wasn't a dispute I was a part of. I pretty much like some of the philosophies from both sides. We tried to stay somewhat neutral as we didn't want to be enemies with anyone that was friends just the day before. The first clans ever to reach out and help Nirvana was Paradogz, so we wanted to keep this good relationship and thereby honor most of union rules which we knew of. We still do today, tho we don't have any issues with Benevolence.

Today we are strong enough to do aggy and lower half edl bosses. We do need more good players in order to advance further, and For each day we are growing stronger still. This development is so much more rewarding than just joining and receiving drops. At least for me. :) I play almost everyday but not very much, due to kids and such. Our board of generals have been crazy enough to stay in clan sacrificing their own development on dl/edl/raid boss gear to fight for our philosophy. They did and still do an outstanding job to secure progress, even tho we now face lock battles against heavily geared competition for every drop. When we win that 1 of 20 lock battles without any dl/edl weaps of raid drops the feeling is amazing. :)

I'm glad you found Nirvanian members treated you well. This it how it should be if we want a populated server! All deserves a chance! You are ofcourse welcome to join us, and you will be geared with 3 lower tier armies within reasonable time, but if your looking for instant endgame we are not just there yet. But we ain't stopping tho FFA style is giving us a hard time. We aren't in a position to tell people how they should play the game. That's up to each individual.

Hope you find what suits you well!

Best Regards
Hajtand, Nirvana.

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