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Re: Rose is good at making high levels quit

Its always sad if people quit because they get ,,,forced to,,due to the situation or the way people threat them, ido not know what happend, but since Rose was my first server and i know some mookiejoe as well all those 2012-14players( who were worth it) its sad to hear.

Its also sad that those "old players" take all their experience and funny stories, tactics with them and the new generation has to re experience and learn things, anyhow ihave seen Rosmerta has changed,,hugely since iwas gone, it worries me abit, it once was a server with 2 top clans, Revenge and Awakening( got to love awake) ..well at the end i miss Brookie1 and Ksfy ,ferro and Good old Yibbs a bit :)

If anyone of you gets to read this,

Cheers, good that you still exist ..somewhere :-))

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Re: Rose is good at making high levels quit

Let's get this back up again! (ROSMERTA OLD MEMORIES) Lets talk about now! WOW has so much changed since we have even talked about this. I gotta say, when you leave the game for as long as I have, 4 years; and to come back and see just how people can change a server for WORST and how people just don't trust anyone when at one time you trusted.... It is sad. So with that said, Lidon and I have started Mythology back up which has now been renamed to Creed. Lidon, certainly has got to be single handedly one of the fiercest females (next to Amna) to play next to. Brings back a lot of memories and it brings back the GOOD ONES REVENGE which i had such a privilege to lead and lead it SUCCESSFULLY! First and foremost among our current Rosmertian friends and acquaintances, we are never going to actively recruit you. If you come to us and ask us about what we are doing then we will have the discussion. Felt like it was important to clear the air on that cause we have certain people who are getting quite afraid that we are coming back and quite honestly it is making us stronger so for that.... WE THANK YOU!

Back to topic here.. so yeah Lidon and myself have surrounded ourselves around some AWESOME new people that constantly remind us of what it was like when we first started playing in Rosmerta and playing Celtic Heroes. I mean we share stories constantly off someone's question or just opinion of what has changed in the game. It is very neat to share these experiences with our members and I am glad that we have grown to build such great friendships. Our members have been the reason for such success and it constantly reminds us what this game is truly about; Friendship and Competition (Friendly). So to share a BIG WIN for our very young start as a small team, with the help of a great friend Chi (Elysian) helped us tackle Hrung, our first big kill and our first big message that we are here and we are here to give options to the players that are looking for a true team and true goal in mind (BRING BACK THE STRENGTH TO ROSMERTA). I hope this touches the ones that I have truly shared some great memories in the past with and inspire you to join with us to bring back what we once remembered as the greatest server in the game.

I can remember when I first started to really play CH in Rosmerta I ran into so many great people (people that I can call friends now that I have kept in touch with throughout the years). Did not matter what clan you were in, however, now since the game has updated a few times with stronger and neater things, people are starting to even close friends off because of being in a different clan. This is absolutely absurd and quite frankly embarrassing to see this behavior be done by individuals that have so much experience in the game and be OK with this! PEOPLE, ITS TIME to sit down and remember the good times we had on this server, the competition we had on the server, the welcoming that our server gave to so many new people (YOU). To become what we are today should be something of concern and be a reason to spark that DRIVE again!

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Re: Rose is good at making high levels quit

Introvert wrote:
Everything wrote:You had to mention Ks...

:cry: :cry: :cry:

The feels train has left the station.

Idid not ment to bring up bad feelings, could you explain to me whats so sad , so ican avoid it next time.



No, Intro, don't feel bad!

Just reminded me of her. She was one of my first friends and I miss her dearly.
Would you kindly?


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