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I'm back, and this time, not a huge a*s.

You remember a kid named "NuclearCake"? Yeah, well, that was me. I was a pubescent, shitalking, ragemonster who couldn't control his temper. I was 13, and this was around '12, when I met Amna and Revenge. I loved the game, so I applied, and I was accepted! I was happier than ever! Then I was *accused* of taking items from the bank in which I didn't request... which resulted in me being kicked and my rep going out the window. I never took that black rem of space, I still swear to this day. I deleted the game after that. About give or take 1 week ago I reinstalled after a long break, and noone seems to remember me (thank god). If you've seen me around and you remember my atrocious behavior and disrespect to others, I plead for you to forgive me. This was 3 years ago, and I am a changed person. This isnt some of the prison bs that you see in court either. I decided to skip a year of school and walk the pacific coast trail, starting in Mexico and leading back to my home in Canada, with a japanese man I had never met before. We taught each other our languages and learned each others cultures. This really helped me find peace in myself, and connect with others. If you ever see me in game nowadays, I beg you to spark up a conversation with me if you're ever down. No more abusive words, no more chat bans, no more nonsensical racism and useless arguments. If you remember the old me, please forgive me or unblock me if you have. I'd love to make it up to you in any way possible. I'd especially like to apologize to certain members. They go as following.


If you can find it in your heart, please forgive me. gl,hf, grind on!


Re: I'm back, and this time, not a huge a*s.

Wouldnt expect you to believe me. You're grown adults. I'm not. Take a look at when you were a kid. Try and remember anything you have done yet regret now, and wish you hadnt done it. When you thought you were invincible and could argue anything. Remember when your father or mother died, how that changed you as a person? How certain life events can impact the way you view the world? Imagine that and try and understand.

Re: I'm back, and this time, not a huge a*s.

I think there is no need to try and justify the past. Indeed many people make mistakes but just be honest now and enjoy the game. Show that you have been changed. People who will interact and join in will join in. The others who are more skeptical will probably just want to wait and see.

Just try to see it as a new start. Enjoy the game and accept what has happened. Many people have quit the game or don't even remember. Meet new people and try to walk a different path this time. It is easier to accept mistakes and learn from them which follows into showing you have actually changed. But this will take a bit of time and patience.

i've already met you in-game and the conversation we've had was great. So don't bother what other people might think at this moment. Just keep up being nice and helpfull and avoid / dont interact with people who want to bring you down or are being annoying at this point.

I personally think this topic is showing you off worse than that you actually are. Gamers do rage here and there and it can be slightly annoying for some other players. And it's easy to blame someone from behind a screen for stealing an item. It seems one word against another. But just like said before enjoy the game now and welcome back.

So I think we should try to keep this as a welcome topic
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