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Rosmerta's Buying and Selling Thread is kinda useless,
No offense
cz im lost in it.
as an alternative everyone can post with a begining buying..... or selling.....
this way anybody or any idiot like me who easily got lost can see the posts seperately
and understand if the item is sold or bought.
replies new topics r running together is not working for me...

as i told; as an idiot ;:::) its hard for me to catch up!
so so so if u ever felt like me (not like an idiot nonono just like being lost) pls start a new topic with the words: Selling... or Buying!!!
ill do as i say and ill buy or sell
no offense
tyvm and sorry for poor english
Himmler (rogue lvl225+ ) clan Elysian
Himmy (ranger lvl 185+) clan Elysian
Himm (warrior lvl 175+) clan Elysian
Himmage (mage lvl 175+) clan Elysian
Himmleruid ( druid lvl 175+ ) clan Elysian

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