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Good starter clans here

Hi all,

I have decided to start playing here and try it out. I have several other high-level toons on another server that I will continue to play (Lugh). I just felt like seeing what other worlds are like and picked this one first. I don't know anything about the server but I have read a few of the posts here and figured I will stay clear of the arena :)

My main question is if there are any solid non-scammer, non-hating, non-begging, clans for lower levels. I am dual-devicing two toons Winifred and Winthrop and will be on fairly frequently.

Any help to this end would be appreciated :)

Re: Good starter clans here

Dont follow what levyy said, make a rogue, level up and do not join nation nor mythology. There is a good clan starting up now called Vanguard, join the underdog clan and have fun in the game. More players against myth the more chances the server has to be balanced again.

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Re: Good starter clans here

My journey began in watchdogs. You should check them out. They have like 3000 people I believe. You should level to 60 and join nation. After that they will help gear you and support you as you level/boss. Later on you will be welcomed into mythology(the strongest clan on Rosmerta).

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