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Re: Is this a Good Server?

No, this isnt a bad server but if your out of the main clan,you have to build a tough shell. At first maybe you ll stumble and feud with a few people, like me, but Since i have made peace with most of them, this can be a really fun server :)
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Re: Is this a Good Server?

It depends on ur point of view. There were times i loved playing here but ive been away 2-3months made rogue on 180 :)
On annother server called Arawn.

Now idont know much anymore about rosmerta just iheared bad storys but also goods :)

If u play here make sure u meet 100786 hes a 152 ranger very friendly and helpfull ( tell him intro sent u :P )
He ll help u then :)
If ustart here good luck!
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Re: Is this a Good Server?

This is an amazing server, if you know how to behave. Don't be stupid in arena or talk crap and focus on leveling to 190+ then this is probably the best world. Gear is distributed fairly which means no rolling and no luck is needed(which is awesome :D)

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