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Transfer From Sulis to here!!!

Transfer from Sulis! To Rosmerta!

Hey guys, iv Been playing for quite some time now, and I'm a little over sulis, iv heard great things about rosmerta and how awesome this world is! So iv decided i wanted to come to Rosmerta! Lol i have close to 5million gold worth of items and cash in Sulis, that I would be willing to trade over to Rosmerta, if you do have minor trust issues, we can always transfer small bits of gold at a time :) thanks in advance, lost of items, gear, fashion below! :)))

Fashion! Includes
Full red Lanrik with sparkly gloves
Full White frost guard with snowbound pants and boots (missing helmet)
Every single crest (not blazing) and doubles on white crests
And a few other things like charms ETC

Luxury (the big boy stuff hehe)
Ring of hastes x2
Sunshard ammy of untamed winds
80/10 dragon staff
100 heat axe
5 energy regen rings x2

Over 50 xps
A few combos
lots and lots of hastes, armours, attacks, defences ETC!

And 620k cash!

there are a lot of items aswell, some rare and some common but it's all worth a lot :) ty i hope some one is interested lol

Hit me up in replies and if u have line it can make this a hell of a lot easier thank you again :)

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