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Hey from sulis, looking for a transfer, kik me @ gretchenbleu if your interested

-greater earth stone legs
-greater earth stone boots
-greater earth stone helm
-radiant earth stone helm
-radiant earth stone gloves
-FULL Connacht vanquisher set
-FULL Connacht pathfinder set
-Deepfall diamond chest,legs,hat,cane (mage)
-Deepfall opal boots,gloves (mage)
-golden bloodlust
-heroic gloves

-sunshard pendant of the silent forest
-ice crystal brooch of the hearth
-ice crystal band of the noble (vit)
-bracer of life
-bracer of constitution
-30 str ring x2
-30 vit ring x2
-Krons frostroot set (40 cold dmg)
-majestic bracelet of the talon x2 (7 piercing dmg)
-ring of haste
-burial ring of fire magic mastery
-revanent brace of invigoration
-revanent brace of invigoration bfore update (able to use with bracelet of same type)

Core fashion*
-night masters coat
-blue coven hat
-black mask of lugh
-yellow lanrik set
-orange lanrik set
-green lanrik set
-red lanrik set
-full white spooky hunter
-spooky white huntsman mask
-darksea captains eyepatch (white)
-quartermasters cap and patch (black)
-full red ardmair
-full black ardmair
-full blue ardmair

-quiver of air
-nebula opal pike
-fiery axe of triumph
-sunburst topaz knuckles
-avalanche sled
-mythic relic dragon staff

-pots 3000+
-idols 3000+
-much more

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