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Re: Rosmerta's Buying and Selling Thread

SELLING (All together only)------> Offer by mail in game to Seasalt ( lvl 183 Warrior)
- 1 Icebound Mystery Chest*2013* (bogan charms, for,frostgaurd fash, storm skimmers, instruments
- 2 Spooky Mystery Chest*2013* (witch hunter fash, harps, fellspine mounts
- 2 Phoenix Mystery Chest (Phoenix Staffs, Firestorm rods, Crest fash, Tor Faith Faeue charms)
- 1 Arachnid Mystery Chest*2014* (spidersilk fash, Halloween masks, spider instruments, samhain mounts)
- 2 Sincerest Mystery Chest *2014* (ardmair fash, dyrad charms,)
- 1 Lustrous Mystery Chest *2015* (Sanghal fash, Spirit capes, instruments, wizard and enchanted armour charms)
- 2 Nightrider Mystery Chest *2015* (Oblivion Steeds, Darkrider fash, Archfiend Wings, Cadaver Crows, Samhain Guides)
- 2 Frostbreath Mystery Chest *2015* (Cranford Spirit horses, Sacred fash, Windgliders, Grovehawks, Imp charms, Tribal crests)
- 2 Evergreen Mystery Chest *2016* ( rare boar mounts, highlander fash, razorback cape, warthog staff, Connacht Knight charms, pet tokens)
- 2 Solstice Mystery Chest *2016* (rare unicorn mounts, fash told, pet tokens)
Level 222 Warrior and Druid
Cooking level191
Clan Oasis
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