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Joining the trend.

Although I'm not as active on forums anymore, id like to update a lost on who i respect most of all. 1(best)-10(still good...)

10:class: His help has assisted me throughout my current lvling a whole heap. He pled me and I made 23 percent on a lix (Extremely high for my lvl). He he made me a lot significant as a ranger and I will always appreciate that.

9:Electricblue: Also know as, Bossdpsdruid, she incorporates high auto damage into her already high ks kill hits despite her class. It's been a long time that iv known her from. Way back in reverence when I was 80.

8:Strawberrie: She tastes like strawberries, smells like strawberries and lvls like a boss. She also sells me underpriced plat items commonly :3 I also like how she offers to lure people on lixrs and once again, how she tastes like strawberries.

7:Levy: Didnt get off to a good start but i do respect his jump from noob-190. Also a generally good guy in clan thus rececntly earning my respect.

6:Brookie (original): He was always the most feared player ever before target lock system and if he were at a boss vsing ur 8 man team, u were screwed. He is now underrated these days despite his past. I still respect him a lot.

5:Thyra: Met her ranger at a very low lvl and she has always been the nicest player i have ever met. She has helped me a lot during my duration of gaming thus giving her my respect.

4:Yrck: As a noob, yrck was always my biggest influence ever and the most amazing thing i ever saw as a noob was seeing yrck get the kill over rogues at a large ow boss. (When they were hard)

3:Dsgren: Best forum mod ever, also good to see his youtube videos which sight me in a few. Ty gren for making me well known to your video watching on other worlds. I do get people come up to me and know who I am when I visit.

2:Ezekiell: Yes you were coming on this list. After all the help you have given me, it is partially your contribution on how i have become a great ranger. Also a fun trollolol killer. viewtopic.php?nomobile=1&f=5&t=44495

1:Chanojuano. Always the biggest player to influence me and has been like a father it me ingame. Sad he quit recently to persue his dream of becomming better at xbox but still at no. 1.

If you rage because your not on the list, then i dont love you. Have a nice day! :D

And if otm bans my acc for adding a link to another post then i rage. :)
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Re: Joining the trend.

i dont want to make a ranking so i just lost the players who got my respect:

Meeplol: you were my best lvl bud from 160-178 and it was always funny to play with you.
Pini: Although you quitted the game you are one of my best ch friends and it was so funny to play and talk with you. i hope you will play again on rose and dont give a fu** on the haters.

Levyy: You lvled so damn fast. one day i logged and you were higher than me lol. also i know that i can trust you. i hope we can play together for a long time.

Strawberrie: Same as Levyy. Your lvl speed is insane. One day i have to explain you in sse what lures are and on the next day your lvl 185. You are a great person and if the thing meep said is true it would be so cool (i like strawberries lol).

Amna: You recruited me at lvl 80 when i was standing in ow and i was like OMG!!! in the next months i saw that you are a great chief and i was so sad to see you quit.

88MOJO88: I alremember you as a noob and i helped you from time to time and then you got scammed. i helped you as much as possible and i know you can have a great ch future.

Knucklerot: You always were my chest dealer No.1. you always sold me stuff for a fair price and ive heared you helped your friends alot. my respect bro.

all the other players got my respect (especially all myth members and the guys in my friend list), but i say that everyone got my respect. some ppl get more and some ppl loose it (u know who im talking about).

Thx to you all to make rosmerta to the best server and ch to the game with the best community ive ever played.
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Re: Joining the trend.

TheParty wrote:list:

Yes ik its 11 and its not in order they are all equal as great friends

Why aren't I on this
224- Rogue
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200- Rogue
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Re: Joining the trend.

10 people I hate with all my guts


People I respect
Stemzer:81 warrior
S1ay3rz: 115 rouge
Milo06:113 ranger
Johnrock99:108 warrior
Artistia:100 mage

Re: Joining the trend.

Relentless wrote:Meeplol is sometimes a annoying kid but I respect him as a player and his lvling

Soccerstar arrogant name

Meeplol was one of the people I leveled just so I could kill.
But now were good friends

Ein- made me, created me into a lvl 190 killing machine. We are the white rogues

Ob- was my inspiration to be a rogue for all the power in the arena.

Classic- just always helpful and I'm there for 100%

Amna- she's just Amna, her son misses her :(

Mc - My old sport. Awesome to talk to about anything! Has time for everyone. And is my inspiration to one day be like him
As a person.

Krazic - Most say we're never apart, probably true. Our partnership goes all the way from 0-190!!
224- Rogue
206- Druid
200- Rogue
197- Warrior

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