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Selling and buying


Ring of haste
Poisoners aggy brace (preferably dex)
Damage rings, heat, cold, or poison. +40 and higher.
Dmg charm, same as above.

Selling these items. Some have prices. Open to offers on all. If you want to pm in game, name is Llewellyn, 134 ranger.

Full Greater Solstice Set

Rare Weapons:

Stave of tempests
Black Winterstave
Onyx Knuckleblades
Onyx icon


Pink spidersilk top
Sb green auroral bottom
Black top hat
Purple top hat


Royal shield wall
Grand shatter
Royal bless
Grand longshot


Riposte - 3k
Longshot - 2k
Stinging swarm - 2k
Ice blast - 2k
Bless - 1k
Def form - 1k
Frostbite - 1k

Will be adding more as I have time.
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