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Hey guys!

I just recently made a Youtube channel and ive started to make some videos (etc) ive been doing: Giveaways, Boss videos but i need to know what else i could make aswell and see what you guys want to see from a youtube video , if you could help me by suggesting what to do that would be amazing ;)

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Re: Hey guys!

Fm off you aren't even in Rhiannon Loca. And all ur posts are unfathomable illogical junk
"Don't quote me boy cause I ain't said sh*t "

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Re: Hey guys!

Nub Main wrote:Fm off you aren't even in Rhiannon Loca. And all ur posts are **** illogical junk

i have a few questions:
1 y don't U think I have a toon in rhia
2 who TF is loca
3 my posts are illogical? Wow good thing there's no comparison or else your eating problem would return...

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