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xfer from Epona to Morrigan

I only seek serious players.. I have in epona:
664k in gold
Eagle Glider 85% speed 20% Camo
Heroic boots of speed
Golden Helm of Intensity
x2 heroic Amulets of Rej
190 XP elixirs
976 Ancient idols (OG ones full health)
1711 Res pots (1k health and energy)
Golden blade of fire
Golden quiver of Magic
33 orbs of frostweaving
2 yellow ritual urn
3 yellow ritual eggs
2 yellow ritual idols
Skain Ironroot ring ( Vitality: 145, Health: 400)
Skain Shrivewood Ring ( Vitality 145, Defence 250)
Imperial Abyssal Ring ( Light heal 9, conceal skill 9) Mordris Ring*
272 Heroic Hp Elixirs- 296 Heroic Energy elixirs- 301 heroic armor elixirs- 35 heroic speed elixirs
LMK and ill show you in game.

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