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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

Goody! i remembered the popcorn this time around. :shock:
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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc


btw I'm glad you have found this much passion in the game not just from the games content, but rather the experiences you have made from your fellow players in the game. Thats a +1 to the community.

Its kind of sh!tty that these posts always end up in stupid arguments with no real purpose, but to make people angry with each other. Although some things might seem like a stab at another group, sometimes it is just a misunderstanding. as the op said it was not meant to be read that way. Just respect the fact that a player is having fun and is enjoying the game so much that they even wrote this post which is a compliment to the game developers and the people who play this game
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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

A challenge: post only your positive comments henceforth as your negative ones accomplish nothing.

A comment: Put our two clans head to head, in a fair competition, and either can outlock the other, without these runes of which everyone speaks.

A heartfelt emotion: Havoc members treat each other like real family members with respect and kindness and genuine love across continents. They even bicker occasionally like a real family. All that matters is that at the end of the day we all are able to live a better life through this choice of a pastime. I'm sure it's all that matters in every clan when it comes right down to it.

A serverwide rally: What would truly make the game more fun is if the competition was portrayed on the forums as more friendly and sounded less like we were all at each other's throats continuously ... we aren't. Avalon and Havoc members live in the same server, vie for the same bosses and yes, we compete. But we aren't the animals that the forum posts would make it seem. There are many good and deep friendships across those clan lines, as there should be between people who share as much time together as all of us! :). So, to all I say, Morrigan is alive and well and filled with good people.

I don't post often and never in a ranting thread, but just this once I thought perhaps I might try to curtail the need for Bob's popcorn!
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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

Aileron wrote:
codebreaker wrote:Hypocrisy at its best lol. Great way to end it by taking a jab at a clan? Funny cause most of the post you make are about how much you hate rune farming yet you accuse havoc of using runes on boss fights on many occasions. When something doesn’t go his way he takes it forums . Guess what bud we didn’t use any runes. Always taking jabs at havoc making us seem like the bad guys while looking like the victims. Not everyone is perfect I know we have clan members with issues with Ava but it goes both ways for both clans so play nice

lmao Havoc farms runes 24/7 and pretend they don't. Why bother pretending? We all know what's going on, no need to pretend. OTM doesn't care if a clan uses runes for bosses. You shouldn't be ashamed and deny it.

I'm not the one that posted a heartwarming message how great Havoc is and then criticizes another clan at the end of the post. If someone is gonna post a nice message, don't need to veil it with an insult.

Nice to see you finally used your account just to respond. And by the way, it was GodofPain who first brought up runing on bosses accusing Avalon of it. So please get you facts straight before you blab your mouth. Never talked about any clan using runes until GoP and Ugnar got sick of losing at bosses during the last event and decided to trash talk. I thought you were a nice guy Ody, eventually showed your true colors.

Sick of losing bosses.. lmao. We locked 70% of bosses on event weekend. Not a single rune used on event weekend or either of our 2 Gele kills. You claim you lose lock battles due to runes when in reality you guys just need to fix your toons and strategies. Just because certain players on your part lack the skill set needed doesn't mean we win because of runes. Poor skill set can be fixed with a little guidance. Its been just recently that you've been complaining about us using runes; But to be honest, the winning of locks has been around the same before and after your claim of rune using. We lock Necro 80%+ of the time, Mordris goes either way, You guys get proteus a smooth 95%+ of the time. Nothing has changed. So even if my nubber clannies are using runes it isn't making much of a difference lol.
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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

Lmao Kim Jong Ail don't cry, you act like you can't farm runes yourself even if that were the case, if you weren't bothered by it you wouldn't be crying about it on someone's appreciation post, you can talk about clan mergers all you want but you took a lot players from up and coming clans and now your desperate and accepting everyone, don't try to force that on havoc because they want to give people a chance to play unlike you guys who wouldn't accept anyone when you had a hold on all the bosses, but now youre holding some L's and inviting 190s :lol: gj ail very gj

Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

I'm glad you found somewhere you belong because to try and fit an incorrect puzzle piece somewhere it doesn't quite fit can be a real stimulant to unhappiness. I can feel the real passion and patriotism behind the post... well... felt the real passion and patriotism - kinda felt like it turned into a bashing thread at the end.

To try and deny that the final comment wasn't a dig at us is like a company stating "we won't try an colonise mars with huge buildings and civilisations like other companies are trying to do, which will tear our world in two" when it's quite clearly Elon Musk that is trying to do so - his name need not be said because it is blaintly obvious whom the statement is about - the only reason to not name names is so that when the person you are referring to bites at the remark you can say "I wasn't referring to you, how you infer my statements isn't my problem" which couldn't be more cowardly, imo.

There is no other clan your statement could have been about, so don't try and say you weren't referring to us. Say with your chest up or don't say it at all.
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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

In this situation, Elsroth, I would quote Frank Herbert's Dune... "My son displays a general garment and you claim it is cut to your fit? How interesting..." Waffles was referring to many clans that have come and gone in the past, including Reverb, ZA, and others. The fact that Avalon members claim he is referring to them only admits to the clan being what he dislikes. I agree that this was originally a happy, well-wishing post, and its a true shame that it had to be turned into clan-bashing. Also... This is a game, and most of us at least attempt to act adult. To "Say it with your chest" or square up in a virtual, online, intangible game is simply juvenile. Please stop.

Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

Lol just ignore each other, stop the drama

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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

wafflesvpancakes wrote:When i stated about clans wanting to rule i wasnt being specific, neither was i inferring to anyone, this was in regards to my experience in clans i was in before i joined havoc. (Sub lvl 180)

Aileron.. you assumed all of this, you were the one that linked my words to your clan.
so in retrospect the only one taking a jab into anyone was you into your own clan with your own petty response.

To shame sir

I linked your post to Avalon clan, specifically? I said no such thing. Read again. Perhaps it was you who assumed?

All I said was you posted how nice Havoc is and how it doesn't try to rule the world like "other clans" after that long essay, you should've just refrained from saying anything negative about other clans. It's nice you found a clan that fits your personality and that you're happy in there. Next time when you post something publicly in the forums, don't be salty if someone responds, after all you started the forum post, expect all kinds of responses.

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